Monday, 29 March 2010

Come As You Are {Fashion Forward}

In the six months or so since the wonderful Katherine and I started Fashion Forward, we've had a blast discussing everything from little black dresses to white wedding dresses and pretty pastels to gleek chic. We've also enjoyed the posts put together by our fabulously fashionable regulars Cindy, Courtney, Krystle, Mel, Mae, Emily, Ana, Erika and Gem and, have discovered that they have become our friends.

And, importantly, we've discovered that following fashion trends isn't the same as finding your style or keeping it simple.

So, as Fashion Forward comes to an end, I wanted to leave you not with a 'fashionable' outfit, but with an outfit that is just 'me' - a classic black wrap dress, a colourful trench coat, a statement necklace, a beautiful bag and lustworthy shoes. This is me as I am. (Or at least as I would choose to be if I could afford those Louboutin shoes!)

This Is Me. As I Am.

This Is Me. As I Am. by OPCreative featuring (very expensive) Christian Louboutin Shoes.
Items in this set: Splendid Jersey Wrap Dress, £94; Pale Blue Military Mac, £49; Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 Patent Pumps, £380; Fiorelli Levine Large Shopper Handbag £49 and Round Facet Stone Necklace, £18

If you're playing along this week, please leave a link so I can stop by and ooh and ahh one last time and so that I can draw one name at random for a little fashionable giveaway.


  1. Love that trench, Clair! Keep in touch!

  2. That's a lovely outfit with which to close the fashion show. A big bouquet of fabric flowers for you for your efforts throughout.

  3. You sure know how to make an exit! Beautiful outfit from a beautiful blogger.

  4. I'm sad it's over... it surely has been fun!
    You ended it the perfect way: love that simply beautiful black dress! And I like the way you add a bit of colour to the outfit with that flashy necklace... that's also my style: simplicity with a bit of personal touch ;)

    See you soon!

  5. Too bad for me that I just found you and your clever Fashion Forward. Will go back and check this out as this is such a fun idea! And, great outfit too btw!

  6. Can't believe I only just found out about these! Darn it, oh well, I'll play along for the last time x

  7. Now, that is a beautidul outfit. So guttedthat my schedule at the mo means I haven't been playing along for the last few weeks. Still, it has been fun and I have picked up some really great style tips. Thanks to you and katherine for running it for the last six months xxx

  8. Elegant and simple. I love it Clair!
    I will truly miss FF and all you wonderful ladies.Thanks for inviting me to play along :)

  9. You're so classy, Clair! I love this wonderfully put together outfit. Fashion Forward has been so. much. fun. I'm so happy I've been able to play along.

  10. love it hun it is so classy just like you. I have fun checking out everyone every week. Thanks for everyone's inspiration xx

  11. I'm here, complete with proper internet and now I can comment! That outfit is so classy and chic :)

    Thank you for being an great co-host and friend, for goodness sake don't fly off some where and leave blogland 'cause I'd be lost. Just stay put, ok? Can't wait to see your new tutorials!


  12. Lovely post and gorgeous outfit - aww, this brought a tear to my eye! x


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