Monday, 4 January 2010

Finding Your Style, Finding Yourself {Fashion Forward}

It occured to me last week, that even when we had only just started Fashion Forward, I never really explained why I wanted to start a meme that was focused on fashion - not even when I first, tentatively, mentioned the idea to my wonderful co-host Katherine.

In my mid-twenties, I was a happy and healthy person, full of energy and enthusiasm for life - and, more importantly, full of confidence. I had a job that I liked, I was fit and healthy and, despite a few hang-ups (we all have them) I was happy with myself and my body.

A few years, and an unfortunate series of events, later found me working in a job that I didn't like, with no energy left for life (let alone exercise) and I had gained enough weight that I felt both unattractive and unhealthy. I had lost my self confidence and, perhaps more importantly, my sense of self.

I left my job and thought things would improve, but in reality I spent my days feeling sorry for myself, slobbing around the house in jogging pants and over-sized t-shirts and I felt disgusting. Then, one day, when I was meeting an old friend, I had to make a bit more of an effort. I took the time to have a nice bath, blow-dry my hair, do my make up and pick out an nice outfit. I looked okay, not wonderful granted, but I felt so much better about myself - so much more me - and I was reminded of the link between looking good and feeling good.

Miss Modest (16/50)

Miss Modest (16/50) by OPCreative

Items in this set: Ted Baker Silk Mix Big Bow Dress; Marni Suede Platforms with Bow and Jewel Detail; Marni Fabric Frame Clutch; Raso - Kiss-Lock Evening Clutch - Francesco Biasia; Alexis Bittar 'Silver Dust' Skinny Tapered Bangle.

But, somedays, it felt like so much effort and I realised that I needed a reason to start taking more of an interest again - in clothes, in make up, in myself - and the idea for Fashion Forward was born. When I approached Katherine with the idea of co-hosting, I honestly thought she might laugh at the idea of me being fashionable (let's face it, she's so cool!) and she has my undying gratitude for being so supportive of the idea. Since then, I have developed an unparalleled love of Brian Atwood shoes and an unhealthy obsession with creating sets in Polyvore. I have re-discovered my love of fashion and my sense of style. And I have made some wonderful friends!

So, as Fashion Forward moves into 2010, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has participated and everyone who takes the time to visit each week. We may not have taken the world by storm with our little meme, but you have helped me to start changing my life for the better and I am very, very grateful.

If you're playing along this week, please pop a link in the box below so that everyone can come by and 'oooh and ahhh' and, if you're a Fashion Forward newbie, you can find the guidelines over on Katherine's lovely blog.


  1. Lovely post this week, Clair. It was nice to read about how you came up with the idea for Fashion Forward.
    I started my blog and joined Fashion Forward for similar reasons to why you started it. :)

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Clair, you are awesome! I find that the imaginary outfits make me feel so much more stylish than I actually am, and that is a good boost. It is a great way to start the week - feeling so stylish and all. So a big thank you right back atcha.

  3. Clair, I can't even tell you how much I love Fashion Forward, AND your reasons for beginning such a venture. After one of the most difficult years of my life, I started my own blog as a way to escape and do something fun for myself. It's been such a journey and an incredible honor to meet you lovely ladies! Keep on keepin' on, sister, and here's to a fantastic 2010 :)

    P.S. That dress makes me VERY happy.

  4. Clair, I really think that fashion forward is such a wonderful idea. I too have had moments when I am swamped with everything around me (mostly school) that I neglect myself and fall into feeling, well for a lack of a better word, BLAH! I think that being able to use your imagination and fashion sense allows you to sometimes get away from feeling BLAH and encourages you to take the time out at some point to pamper yourself. Its amazing how something simple as doing your eyebrows can help your self esteem when you're feeling like all is lost. I am pretty new to FF but I love it and look forward to every Monday when I can view everyone's collage and somehow feel as if I know them a bit ;) Happy New Year All!

  5. Yay! What a lovely post, Clair. I love doing Fashion Forward each week. I think it's a really inspiring project for a typically uninspired day. Thanks so much to you and to Katherine for giving us all an opportunity to join in!

  6. Brill post, and you ROCK your look girl - either you've rediscovered your mojo or you've been dressing up on my account!

  7. Hey lovely,

    well you know I follow for the same reasons you set up Fashion Forward. And your sets have definitely inspired me to take a good, long look at my wardrobe - you can already see the improvements!

    PS - fab shoes, as always :-)

  8. Great happy to have met you! FF is lots of fun!

  9. so that is why you set it up hun, great idea and very much you.

    Ps I love that dress x


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