Saturday, 18 February 2017

It Takes Two {Counterfeit Kit Challenge}

Inspired, indirectly, by Valentine's Day, our second challenge of the month 'It Takes Two' over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge is to make two of something - anything - as long as they work well in combination. Having recently moved home, I have a lot of people to thank, so I decided to add to my little stash of handmade cards. 

Deciding to use a little bit more of January's Counterfeit Kit, I started by choosing two off-cuts of similar, but not exactly the same, cardstock and trimmed them down to 3x6. Folded, this size makes such a cute, mini-card. Then I found two similar sized sentiments. One a really, really old sticker from American Crafts. One a more recent addition to my stash from Elle's Studio. 

I adhered both sentiments to the cardstock using some foam stickers, to add a bit of dimension, then added some embellishments and voila! Two dinky, little cards ready to send on their way!

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Love Is In The Air {Counterfeit Kit Challenge}

It's time for our first challenge of the month over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge and, since it was my turn to choose, I chose to focus on including some details about something that you love - family, friends, chocolate, wine? it doesn't matter, but I wanted it to include some journalling.

All too often, I leave out the important details, because I struggle to incorporate journalling. I find it difficult to write onto a completed layout in case I 'ruin' it, but looking back at some older layouts recently (more on this soon!) I re-discovered the idea of adding notes around the edges - there's usually lots of white space on my layouts to do this and, of course, it doesn't detract from any of my design elements! Win!

For this little 6x8 layout that will find a home in my Project Life album for 2017 (I've started, finally, on Project Life. More on this soon too!) I decided to focus on my love of beading and of the beading community. 

Journalling reads: For the last few years I've challenged myself with my beading and I love how much my skills have grown as a result. This year my challenge is to make one item from a beading that I own each month. I've been joined by over seventy beaders and I am loving the sense of community we share.

How do you incorporate journalling into your projects? Is it something you struggle with, or does it seem easy? Let me know your thoughts! x

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Stitched Pocket Pages Journalling Cards Tutorial {Forgeries On The Fourth}

Each month, over on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge, the Master Forgers share their counterfeiting tutorials and resources in a collection of Forgeries On The Fourth and this month, I included a couple of counterfeits in my Counterfeit Kit for February 'Spring Garden'. (The first was a camera acetate, made using the same method as my Stamped Planner Dashboard Tutorial.)

The second, are these little Pocket Style Journalling Cards. I had admired the selection of Little Things In Life Journalling Cards from ScrapDelight, but I didn't have any in my stash that I felt would work well with the rest of my kit. So, I sifted through my scrap box and found some in colours that would complement the kit and then made some of my own cards using those little scraps, my trusty sewing machine and some little leftover stickers from Elle's Studio.

You'll Need:

1. Some white cardstock cut down to 3x4 inches.
2. Scraps of cardstock in co-ordinating colours.
3. Gluestick
4. Trimmer, craft knife and/or scissors.
5. Sewing machine. (Optional.)
6. Stickers, stones and little embellishments. (Optional.)

1. Start by cutting some of the cardstock scraps into 3x3 or 2x2 squares, then cut each of the squares into halves to form two triangles.

2. Add the shapes onto the 3x4 cards, but don't stick them at this stage. (The example below shows two overlapping triangles, each half of a 3x3 square.)

3. Play around with several layouts until happy with the outcomes. (The example below shows two stacked triangles, one half of a 3x3 square and one half of a 2x2 square.)

4. Once happy with the overall layouts, stick the scraps into position on the 3x4 cardstock. Leave to dry before stitching, or the sewing machine will become a sticky mess! (The example below one half of a 3x3 square and one half of a 2x2 square, side by side.)

5. Use a variety of stitches to add detail to the cards. (The added bonus of adding stitching is that the scraps are more secure!) Trim all of the thread ends to neaten the cards.

NB: The cards using blocks, rather than triangles are, of course, even easier to create. Simply find a scrap with a straight section, stick, then trim before sewing.

6. Add some detail to the cards with some small stickers, sentiments, stamps or embellishments. Then sit back and feel accomplished!

If this little tutorial has whetted the appetite for combining scrapbooking with sewing, then you may be interested in checking out my Stitching On Paper Series. And, of course, I'd recommend visiting the Counterfeit Kit Challenge for more Forgeries On The Fourth.