Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Spring Garden Pocket Letter {It's Arrived}

Hello! Hello! I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally share the Spring Garden Pocket Letter that I made for the lovely Lisa Hausmann, over at Recklinghausen Musings. It's arrived!

Lisa and I have been firm scrapbooking friends since we 'found' each other via the Counterfeit Kit Challenge and, recently, Lisa showed an interest in my Pocket Letters! That's the kind of friend she is - interested, supportive and kind! So, I made her a Pocket Letter of her very own to introduce her to the Pocket Letter community! 

Lisa's own style is soft, delicate and whimsical; so I decided to use the remainder of my Spring Garden Counterfeit Kit to make this Pocket Letter. Honestly, I am so thrilled with the result - and I killed a kit! Win!

Want to see some details? Silly question. Of course, we want to see some details!

I've been keen to add the date to each Pocket Letter that I send out, because I love the idea of that being recorded within the Pocket Letter and, of course, the Dated Stamp from Elle's Studio, is a favourite. Oh, and is the tiny, tiny heart visible on the left? It adds a little bit of sparkle when the sun hits it!

These little butterfly die-cuts are one of my favourites. I've stitched three to the card - so that there's a little bit of dimension when the card is removed from the wallet - and added some sparkle. My Spring Garden Counterfeit Kit had some cute, little die-cut elements which I've found are excellent for adding extra interest without adding too much dimension!

Probably my favourite cards; I love the combination of colour, florals and diecuts - with the teeny, tiny heart on the first one and the second has a small beaded embellishment, that I made with some beads in matching colours! I love that it adds something very 'me'. 

And lastly, could a Pocket Letter be complete without sequins? Um? Possibly. But this is so cute!

I am thrilled to say that Lisa loves her Pocket Letter, as much as I loved making it and that I've been able to share a new love with an old friend. 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

No Rain, No Rainbow Pocket Letter {It's Arrived}

Recently I've been sharing some 'sneaks' of my Pocket Letters (via Sunday Sneak) but as they arrive at their destinations I'm keen to show them off in full, because, well, details!!! 

Thankfully, my 'No Rain, No Rainbow' Pocket Letter has arrived state-side and I can share it's story. Initially, I was a little flummoxed because I was matched to a lovely lady who loves shabby-chic, while I most definitely have more of a minimalist aesthetic. However, I was really keen to create something that she would love, so I hauled out some of my older stash. I have so much from when I first started scrapbooking and shabby-chic was everywhere

I must admit, I really enjoyed myself! Stepping outside of my comfort zone a little bit was liberating. I even hand-rolled some fabric flowers; found some retro clothing tags; and some floral washi tapes to include as extras for my new friend.

And, thankfully, my new Pocket Letter Pal has written to tell me how much she loves it! Phew! 

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Still Worthy {May's Counterfeit Mini Kit}

This month, I’m 'officially' on the Mini Kit Team for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge and I am so excited to show off the kit that I made - Still Worthy - based on this month's inspiration kits - the March 2017 Kits from Gossamer Blue. I loved the mix of colours in the inspiration kits, as well as all of the fresh, fun embellishments!

My kit may have been mini in size, but I felt really inspired by bundling it up and, as soon as I had it all photographed, I took it all apart and started working with it, finishing it off in super, speedy style. In fact, I finished it so quickly, that I made another kit - The Noteworthy Kit - based on the March 2017 Life Pages Kitwhich I revealed with the Main Kit Team! (And, I've used a lot of that already!)

Recently, my little basket of scraps has started to overflow and I felt the need to return to my 'use it or lose it' roots, so I had what I like to refer to as a 'rummage' and I've made a small kit, with a selection of scraps (most smaller than 6x4) based on the March 2017 Main Kit.

Yellow is definitely the major colour in my kit, but I also included all of the colours from the inspiration kit - navy, turquoise, lime, white and black. I also fished out several 'matching' sentiments (some handmade) and then added a small selection of embellishments. I love those little triangle enamels. Can you spot them?

You'll have seen the Counterfeit Die-Cuts that I made using the last, little remnants of this kit, but how about a little card-making inspiration? I love how simple it was to make this one! Just one or two scraps; a little sentiment; a few otherwise underused brads and a little scattering of sparkle!

There's a lot more for me to share over the rest of the month, but in the meantime, there’s more inspiration from the rest of the Mini Kit Team - Lisa, Margie and Kelly – over on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge.