Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Introduction {Killing Kits Series}

Hello lovelies! I'm so excited, because today I can finally share the introduction to my new video series, Killing Kits, that I'm working on in collaboration with The Counterfeit Kit Challenge.

Before we start, I wanted to share a little overview of how I store all of my unfinished kits – because, once I found a system that worked for me, it made everything so much easier. Well, until it didn’t … but more about that in a minute.

Normally, I’ll have two or three monthly kits in use and I, most often, will have some leftover at the end of the month. Of course, I could sort the leftovers into my stash, but I tend to think that after all of the effort of co-ordinating a kit, it seems a waste to break it down.

It used to stress me out. I had two or three kits in use – all over my desk – and the leftovers from (at least) the last month, sat around in little dishes or boxes making me feel guilty.

Eventually, I found a solution.

I store all of my kit leftovers in these Wilko A5 Binders. These frosted binders, came with a small exercise book, dividers and, a set of four removable wallets. I removed the exercise books and dividers (I still have them somewhere!) and found that the wallets were about the size I needed for most of my kit leftovers. They are surprisingly roomy. I went back to the store and, now, I have a set of four folders and a total of sixteen wallets.

The small size of the binder has made it really easy to store them on a shelf, next to my desk – and, of course, it’s so easy to snatch a couple of them of the shelf on my way to a scrapbooking crop. No need to spend time co-ordinating supplies, more time crafting! Yay!

But, here’s the issue. Those little leftovers eventually built up and, when I finally filled the last wallet, I found out that these little binders aren’t available anymore. What?! I really didn’t want to start over with a new system – and, honestly, I would rather spend my money on new stash (or new shoes!) So, I realised that I need to start making more an effort to use those leftovers – and it’s been a lot of fun to take a fresh look at some older kits. It’s even more fun to finally kill a kit.

Whether you choose to use the ideas in this new series to help you finish off your current kit, or whether you haul out the remains of some of those older kits, it’s up to you. But, I hope that the Killing Kits Series will help you to make the most of those little leftovers!

I'll be back on the 30th with the first of the inspiration videos!

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Long Live The Adventure Layout

Finally found a little time to sit down and craft with the all of the iNSD inspiration available online - and if this is all I make, well, I'll still be happy! I decided to use a bit of my 'It's The Little Things' Counterfeit Kit and combined the Scraplift Challenge from For The Love Of Pretty Paper and the current Counterfeit Kit Challenge Shapely Photos.

I loved Kerry Bruce's Layout from the For The Love Of Pretty Paper community, and made mine in 6x8, rather than 12x12. But I think it's easy to see how I've used Kerry's for inspiration. I loved the circles and the hand stitches, but I used my machine instead.

Photo wise, I decided to die-cut one of Granada into a small circle. It fits a little better into the overall layout - and, of course, fits the theme of this month's first challenge from The Counterfeit Kit Challenge

Then, I took my final little bits of inspiration from Kerry's embellishment clusters! Done!

Sunday, 6 May 2018

It's The Little Things: May 2018 Counterfeit Kit Challenge Mini Kit

Hello! Did you see this month's Counterfeit Kit Challenge Reveal? The inspiration kit this month is from Mind The Scrap and it's so lovely that I *had* to counterfeit it, even if I have more kits than I need! So, I decided to make a Mini Kit - which turned out to be a little bit less 'mini' than I expected.

I've made a (short-ish) video overview of the kit - with some chatter about how the items I've included relate to the 'Inspiration Kit'. Please let me know whether this is useful to new counterfeiters and/or interesting to those of you who have been counterfeiting a while. I'm happy to make more videos when I create my kits!