Monday, 11 January 2010

Gleek Chic {Fashion Forward}

Yeah. I know that Glee isn't really any big whoop to some of you (lucky people) who are resident in the United States and have already seen it, but Glee hits our UK screens this evening and I'm sorry, but I just couldn't help myself. Besides, Glee is bound to become a trending topic at the water cooler and we may look at Argyle Print differently in the morning. And, I need something to fill the space left by Ugly Betty and True Blood, okay?

So, what better way to celebrate the beginning of a new obssesion than creating myself a little bit of Gleek Chic?

So, first up - Rachel. How I love her perfect, preppy style. I totally wish I had her wardrobe - though I am fairly certain that my sixteen year old self would call it 'stuffy' and would have sneered at the blouses!


Next, something a little different - Tina. Tina rocks. Her style is actually far more in tune with what I probably would have worn when I was at highschool. A little bit grungey, trying to show my individuality. ( genius are those music themed nails?)


And, how could I possibly finish a Glee related Fashion Forward without a little Emma? Well, actually, I will. You see, this wee Glee obsession started a couple of months back (way before I'd even seen the programme) when the lovely Cindy posted a link to this article on dressing like Emma Pilsbury. She was dressed entirely in mustard and I knew, I just knew, I was going to become a total Gleek.

If you're playing along with Fashion Forward this week, please leave your details in the Mr Linky below so we can come and share your fashion passions.


  1. Lovely post!
    Love both the sets, but I would SO wear the second one, if I had the guts. Haha.

  2. I'm a gleek! I'm a gleek!

    Both outfits are awesome, but I have to agree with you I would have worn the second!I actually had a skirt similar to that one and I used to wear it with a long black coat that billowed out behind me when I walked...


  3. I too cannot wait to watch it! As for the outfits: I'd wear the top one ....with the jacket from the second. A white shirts and a jacket like that = perfection!


  4. I don't really watch Gleek, but I can picture what you mean :)
    My favourite is Tina's style, looove that jacket and skirt!
    I'm blogging about Fashion Forward for the first time... and I'm already addicted!

  5. Emma Pilsbury is a style icon! Glad you finally have Glee, it is so much fun. And you totally nailed those two characters!

  6. I would so wear the second outfit minus the shoes (I'm not that brave!). I haven't seen the show but maybe I will look into it. I too have to fill the void that True Blood left me with :)

  7. Love that skirt in the top picture. So cute. You always have such great picks!

  8. Reckon I'm more Tina than Rachel - *cool* Docs! - but I also love the Rachel shoes :-)

  9. My sister LOVES this show, but I have yet to catch an episode. I have to admit though, I was definitely on the preppy side of the fashion world in high school. A nice collared shirt and sweater, and I was a happy girl!


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