Saturday, 28 April 2012

We're Day Trippers, Yeah! {Saturday Scrap}

At the beginning of my relationship with The Steve, we decided to have a 'Ferry Across the Mersey' date - so we took the ferry from Birkenhead across to Liverpool, had a mooch around The Albert Dock, a spot of lunch at The Tate Liverpool and then went out for a few drinks. It was such a lovely day, even if it was a little bit blustery. And, since this photograph is one of our favourites, I thought it was about time it had it's own layout.

Day Trippers

I've used stamps from Say Cheese Too! which one of my all time favourite stamp sets from Lawn Fawn because it's absolutely fantastic for scrapbooking. It includes months and numbers - making it perfect for including dates - and it has the most adorable camera stamp I have ever seen! As soon as I started this layout, I pulled out my stamp set and added one of the sentiment stamps from the set 'A Great Snapshot Warms The Heart'. Couldn't be better for a layout about one of our first dates, right? I also added the little camera to one of my embellishment clusters - I told you it was adorable!

Day Trippers - Detail

To tie in with the sentiment and the theme of the layout, I also used the teeny, tiny heart stamp from Cruising Through Life. Stamped, coloured and cut-out, it adds a few pops of colour and movement. I haven't decided whether to add some more journalling, so I'm going to pop this to one side and have a little think about it. Anyone else finish a layout and then get a little bit scared of ruining it by adding too much?


  1. Great Lo as it is, but I do know what you mean. You can always lay things on top and then decide whether it adds or distracts.

  2. Hmm, I probably should have that reflex, instead, I tend to keep throwing stuff at a layout until I ruin it, and then I ruin it a bit more trying to take stuff off, and then finally I fix it by putting something else back on. It takes me ages to finish a layout!

    Your layout does look perfect as it is though, I love the little hearts and the camera is certainly cute.

    I ordered something from 'make the day special' this week, I remembered the shop name after reading it on here :-)

  3. I really like how you've used your stamps...I don't use mine enough on layouts!
    Alison xx

  4. I have a constant battle with myself becasue I love to add the story, but worry that it spoils my beautiful, beautiful white space! Gets me every time, so I know exactly what you mean. Sounds a sif the story is definitely worth telling on this one, mind you, with all those hearts in evidence :)

  5. Great snap and love your layout. Esp those little hearts! Soooo cute. You're making me want to get into scrapping. Only dabbled a little so far

  6. I very rarely leave out any story and the few lines at the beginning of your post are a must for your layout in my mind. But I've become quite sneaky recently, finding ways to have it but keep it out of view a bit - not exactly hidden, but tucked behind or something. The layout is really lovely with the stamped sentiment and my, that camera really is cute! And a lovely colour scheme too. But if it were me, I'd be tucking those words in somewhere! :-)

  7. Looks gorgeous - super great photo :)

  8. I often leave a page to one side just in case something else occurs to me ... whether it's the perfect embellie to add or the perfect (sub)title to use. Sometimes I will write onto tracing paper to see what a bit of journalling will look like in a particular place.

    While I think that this story definitely needs to be somewhere; perhaps it needs to be something secret to discover on a hidden tag?

    Part of me is scrapbooking for my kids, and part of me is scrapbooking for when my marbles finally take off aand I can't remember anything ... either of which means that the stories need to be written down!


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