Friday, 23 October 2009

Getting Into Shape

I'm taking today away from blogging, commenting and tweeting. Honestly. This is a scheduled post! I'm having a little break from it all. I need to focus on a few personal projects and I've been finding myself a little distracted by information overload.

So, all being well, I'll have woken up by now (it is nine o'clock after all!) feeling all refreshed; I'll be having a bath and dressing myself for the work focused day ahead. By lunch time I'll have completed half of my 'to-do' and the rest will be tackled after a little walk around the park and a hearty lunch.

Very Important Things To Do List by Forget-Me-Not

I'll be meeting The Steve in Liverpool when he finishes work and we're going shopping for some jogging pants. Sounds terribly exciting doesn't it? But since this whiny little blog post, I've lost a fair bit of weight (hurrah!) and when I ran up the stairs the other day, my cargo pants fell down. Um ... awkward. Holding them in place while trying to keep up with Davina McColl's DVD is just not an option!

Though considering that Katherine has promised to send me copious amounts of chocolate if I manage to complete a full day away from the computer, I may hold on to the cargo pants, just in case.

Have a great weekend x


  1. hahaha, keep your cargo pants on hold. Hopefully postal strikes will be finished soon and normal (crap) service will be resumed at the Royal Mail, otherwise i'll have to send a pigeon.


  2. Think a day off is allowed :-) Get much done! Look forward to seeing the projects some time (if not the jogging pants...) x

  3. Good luck! I'm sure you'll succeed :) I need a day away too - there's so many things that don't get done anymore! See you next week :) K

  4. Have fun with your day! It sounds like you have a lovely plan for yourself.

  5. Ah...isn't it lovely when pants fall off? Awkward, yes, but lovely?


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