Friday, 7 August 2009

Today I Am In Deep Detox

My head is pounding rhythmically; I have slept for the majority of a perfectly sunny day and most of my mental functions have shut down in protest at having to operate in tea-free conditions.

I should explain that there is not a (normal) day which passes without tea. I love tea. I would rather drink tea than water, cordials and alcohol. Tea is my first; my last; my always. Tea is my drug of choice and without it life is starting to feel a little bleak.

My Favourite Mug

I am hoping that once the withdrawal clears that I will have bright eyes; clear skin and more energy. I am hoping that once the withdrawal clears I will feel stronger and more committed to a detox diet and an energising exercise plan. I am hoping that once the withdrawal clears I will emerge from my self-imposed cocoon looking like two-stone lighter version of myself (though I have the perfectly horrid feeling that it might take a while to reach that point!)


  1. Good luck with your detox, Claire! I can't believe tea is such a strong thing to withdraw from!! Hope it all passes soon :) K

    fabulous photo btw!

  2. I thought I was following your blog + just realised I wasn't!... This has been remedied of course ;) K

  3. good luck! you can do it!

    as i consider walking downstairs and finishing my double shot espresso...


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