Monday, 26 October 2009

If You Go Down To The Woods {Fashion Forward}

Woodland. This weekend I have been hugely inspired by woodland. Or at least, I have been inspired by a desire to up sticks and move to a woodland. When you come across somewhere truly beautiful whilst browsing Virtual Tourist it's very difficult not to be inspired by a desire to up sticks and move to a woodland.

I'm not going to tell you that the woodland trend is a new one. It's been filtering through for quite a while now, inspired by an increased desire for all things handmade and homely. Here are just a few of my own favourite pieces -

1. Pendal Sofa available from Pinch Design. You cannot possibly visit their website without swooning. 2. Sweet Leaves Wreath available from Jane Joss whose Etsy store is brimming with beautiful botanicals. 3. On The Third Day, Pressed Botanical available from Pressed Leaf. Anyone who happens to think that pressed leaves and florals are outdated, needs to visit this store. Immediately.

For more Fashion Forward clothes, accessories and interiors please visit Katherine at Paper Pocket and remember that you can join in as well.

Next week it's me hosting. I'm so, so excited!

Edited: Oooh, and just a reminder. I am giving a wee surprise to one of this month's lovely participants, so be sure to join in this week!!!


  1. I love the chair. I always mean to go with natural inspired furnishings, etc, but it never goes that way. Instead I paint everything white and (attempt) to go as minimalist as possible with a baby.

    I shall, howve, be having a look properly at Jane Joss's store. That sweet wreath is making me think of Christmas already.

  2. oh for flips sake...why does my internet have to go off right as i'm posting a comment, now i've lost it :(

    The wreath is so pretty! Wouldn't it be lovely to spend xmas in a cosy log cabin in the snow somewhere...

    If you need me i'll be stuck on the Pinch website, staring forlornly at the sofa section.


    PS. i'm getting a haircut today!!!!

  3. Welcome back :-)

    Love the woods theme! When I was little (er... not so very little, either...) I used to plan that I would run away from home and live in the nearby woods. I stockpiled tins of food under my bed (mainly tuna and baked beans, mmmm!) Once my brother and I did actually leave, and made it all the way to the end of the road before changing our minds!

    I'll be taking part again this week (of course!) but I didn't realise you had to be 'lovely' to be eligible for the giveaway, that counts me out... ;-)

  4. I don't think my mother-in-law ever thought of herself as fashion forward, but she's got the woodland them down! I have a birch-bark trash can sitting in my living room waiting to be mailed to her for a birthday that was about a month ago. It would fit perfectly with your set.

  5. Virtual Tourist? You know all of the addicting websites. I owe my increased inspiration (and slightly decreased productivity) to you! And I love woodlands. This collection is just perfect.

  6. Love it Clair! Just posted mine as well....


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