Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Last Few Days

No breeze. Hot and sticky on the underground. Hugs and kisses at the train station. Idle chit chat over dinner. Drinks at the local pub and a quiet, peaceful stroll home in the late evening. Sleep. Lunch with Sarah's family. Walking the dog. Playing ball with the dog. Falling in love with the dog. Chocolate biscuits and cups of tea whilst watching old movies. Harry Potter (for the second time.) Sleep. A lazy breakfast. The Tube into London.

London Street, South Kensington

Lunch in Kensington. Lots of talking. (Talking is good.) Admiring South Kensington Gardens. The Victoria & Albert Museum. Tea and Tiffin. Covent Garden. Hustle and Bustle.

Hustle & Bustle

Sitting on steps and watching the world go by. Iced tea. The Woman In Black (for the fifth time. Sarah's first.) Goosebumps and ghostly tales. The Tube home. A cool night breeze. Sleep. Early morning wake up call. Tea and toast. Hughenden Manor.

Hughenden House


Walk and talk around the estate. Butterflys. Refreshments at the little shop. Hugs and kisses at the train station. Hot and sticky on the underground. No breeze.


  1. ya know you should enter this one to the Leaf Books blog entry competition :-)

    Oh and I'm sure TNT travel is doing a travel photography comp, one of the categories is "London".

    Just a thought :-)

  2. Wow. Love the words :) Gives a real sense of the city.

  3. Just beautiful :) I'm trying very hard to contain my jealousy of course!! Only 4 weeks now till I'm in London!! Yah! Great post - thank you :) K


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