Sunday, 2 August 2009

Seed Beads - My Sunday Stash

I'm well aware that my stash of crafting materials has expanded somewhat since I bought my first glass paints at university. Once I'd conquered glass painting, I started beading and wire-working to make jewellery. Then I started papercrafting; making cards and scrapbooking. Now I've started embroidering and I have plans to learn how to knit properly and crochet. It's all sort of spiralled out of control. And so has my stash.

In an effort to find an (enjoyable) way to sort through the chaos, I went searching for inspiration and stumbled upon Sunday Stash. Tamara from 1/4 Of An Inch came up with the wonderful idea of sharing our stash (and possibly our plans for using it!) each and every Sunday. And, of course, I knew that I wouldn't be able to show you photographs of it looking all disorganised and dusty. Just the kind encouragement I need to sort through my stash and, instead of buying more, remember what I have.

This week, in between the emo blogging, I've begun on sorting out my beading stash. I now know that I don't need to purchase any more seed beads for quite some time and that I should really tackle some new projects.

Seed Beads - My Sunday Stash

I've even made a start. It's a pretty complicated netting pattern, so there's only a little bit to share with you. I'll share the full project just as soon as it's finished.

Netted Beadwork

I'm off on another (mini) road trip this afternoon - visiting my university pal Sarah. I'll be back on Thursday and will diligently follow up on comments; check e-mails and visit other Sunday Stashers. Hope you're having a great weekend x

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