Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Pretty Papers Pocket Letter {It's Arrived!}

After last week's Sunday Sneak, I had the lovely news that the Pretty Papers Pocket Letter arrived at it's destination safe and sound - and that it was well loved! This makes me so, so happy! I've only had two letters that never made it to their new owners but, honestly, I worry about them all while I'm waiting to hear that they've arrived. It breaks my heart a little to think that someone would be disappointed. And, of course, each and every Pocket Letter that I create is my new favourite :)

This one was made with a combination of elements from two of my favourite collections, from Maggie Holmes and Elizabeth Kartchner. I love the whimsical elements and the happy colours.

The little section in the centre is easily my favourite bit of the whole letter. it has a cute, little label, star sequins, stitching, and a lovely little flower! *swoon*

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