Saturday, 19 March 2016

Kitted Out!

Recently, I shared some tips and techniques for Creating DIY Planner Kits From Your Own Stash, with Amy and Jenn over at the Planner Squad. Over the last week, I've finally had the time to sit down and make something with the kit that I created and I am thrilled with the results. Want to see?

The base for the kit was a small ring-binder, which came with some standard (rather boring dividers) which I replaced using some of the bright, colourful cardstock that I had in my kit. You'll notice that I didn't add tabs, as I like to move my dividers around when I'm bored! Normally, I'll use clips on the tops or sides of my dividers as 'bookmarks' instead. 

I've added some cute notes to the dividers/dashboards - and the front pocket is the perfect size for a small set of alpha stickers, die-cuts and a few additional embellishments.

The binder is perfectly sized to hold a set of lined notecards, so after punching them all to fit, I decorated about a third of them using the craft tapes, stickers, tags and stamps from my kit. I love including a wide selection of embellishments when I make mini-albums, because I love how wonderfully fat these little beauties become when full!

This beautiful, button clip is easily my favourite item from the kit (the chevron washi from DoCrafts is a very, very close second) because it's stunning! I bought it at a local haberdashery such a long time ago, but wasn't sure how to use it. It looks so lush in the binder - and I'm thrilled to have found the perfect spot for it! 

I'll be using the rest of the kit to decorate the remaining notecards, but I think I'll also end up using some of it for cards (it's such a bright, happy mix of colours!) So, I've stored some of the more substantial cardstock and embellishments in the little binders that I use for 'Keeping Kits' and there's a small selection in the binder, to use 'as and when'. 

I'm really looking forward to using the binder - and am wondering whether I might use it as the basis for a small mini-album all about my planning obsession! Watch this space! 


  1. Love the color combination and all those fun polka dots! They would definitely make me want to page through the binder quite often just to look at all the loveliness - well done Clair!

  2. This looks very bright and colourful - Loki g forward to seeing how you decide to use it ...

  3. I'm watching all this planner set up with great interest but am still not sure how I can apply this to my own creativity. your decorated pages are really gorgeous and this kit is a winner for sure. the pin and that gorgeous washi are really lovely - I think I need some in my kits!


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