Saturday, 12 March 2016

Keeping Kits {Plan With Me}

Over the last few weeks, the team at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge have been sharing some of their most Stylish Scrapbook Storage. Having talked a lot recently about Creating Kits, I thought that it might also be worthwhile to talk about how I keep them!

I'll usually have two or three Counterfeit Kits in use during the month (using the current kit and working ahead on projects for the next reveal.) When I was working with substantially smaller kits, this worked well. I could 'kill a kit' successfully, then move a new kit into the box I had been using to store it all.

However, at the end of January, I still had a box full of lovely, luscious product from the Planning For Perfection Kit and, having created a kit that continues to inspire me, I didn't want to break it down and 're-home' it all with the rest of my stash.

I was also still working with my kit for Document December (in fact, I am *still* working with my kit for Document December) but, it was nearly time to start working with a new kit for February. I desperately needed a storage solution that would allow me to keep all of the lovely leftovers from each kit in one space before I became overwhelmed with boxes, envelopes and dishes full of kit leftovers!

Eventually, I found the Wilko A5 Binder, a frosted/clear binder, which comes with a small exercise book, five dividers and four 'ziplock style' envelopes. Once full, four envelopes are perfect for the size of the binder, so I removed the exercise book and dividers and I'll no doubt use them in another project sometime soon.

 I needed two envelopes for the leftovers from the Planning For Perfection Kit!

The clear envelopes make it really easy to find the kit that I want to work with and their 'ziplock' style keeps everything secure. The size of the binder also means that it's easy to store in my craft room and, as a bonus, is easily transported to my local scrapbooking club. I love taking my kits with me - it makes it so much easier to plan and pack!

I am thrilled to have found a solution that works and have, obviously, been back to buy a few more of these little lovelies! I can't wait to see them fill up with lots of little leftovers!

Head on over to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge to see more Stylish Scrapbook Storage solutions that work for the team!


  1. Very stylish and cute Clair! I like the see-through aspect too because I'm definitely an "out of sight/out of mind" kind of person.

  2. Very portable Clair great for the crops and ideal for your style of scrapping xx

  3. Great way to store the extra kits :) I use plastic bags too for my left over kits :) I'm also still working on my December Daily too ;)

  4. Nice - you gotta love clear see-through storage options.

  5. Those binders are SO sturdy, and with the zipped pockets it is definitely the perfectly clever solution!

  6. how big are they? I'm guessing not big enough for more than small scraps? I often still have 12" bits of leftover papers and I find that I have to keep them in the pizza boxes until they are used up but this certainly takes up a lot of space. I like the idea of ziplock pockets though. I go to a crop every week and I need something that is easily transportable. At the moment, I just dump two or three pizza boxes into my bag to take with me. thanks for sharing and your photos are always so pretty!

  7. It looks like 12" strips can fit on the angle, corner to corner. What do you do if you still have full sheets of paper in your kit? Or do you only go to this system when you are down to the small bits?

  8. And thanks for linking back to this post. I have been enjoying a CKC blog marathon, this morning.


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