Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Rescue Planner {Plan With Me}

Is it me or was that a really, really long week? I'm looking forward to a chilled out weekend - especially after spending last weekend clearing out some of the 'hoard' in the fella's conservatory. It was hard work, but hard work is it's own reward, right? Um. Yeah ... but so is finding an A5 Filofax in a corner!

Unloved and unwanted, I knew that I could offer this little lovely a new home, where, after a little love and attention, it would shine! This is 'The Rescue Planner'.

After a little clean and a bit of a buff with some leather restorer, the cover looks a lot better, though there are of course a few scars that will never heal :)

But, it's the heart of the planner that shows it's true beauty and I've been using the 'Planning For Perfection Kit' (the Counterfeit Kit that never seems to end) to start setting it up, as the only inserts left inside were from 2005 and they were more than a little bit musty! 


I had plenty of cardstock leftover from working with the kit in January, so I used the 12x12 sheets to create new dividers. Of course the beauty of working with a counterfeited kit is that all of the colours and details work well with each other, even when both sides of the cardstock are on show!

With some of the cardstock off-cuts I made a couple of additional pockets, adding a little bit of washi tape from the kit to the edges where I had stitched the sides for strength.

The Dear Lizzy Collection contained a handful of sheets that could be cut down to create a small selection of lists, sentiments and little embellishments and there's still a lot for me to use - and I'm keeping them on hand in a small, clear envelope to decorate the spreads in the planner, once I start using it.

Lastly, I added some cute little note-cards that I die-cut from the Dear Lizzy Collection. One of my favourites - with the words 'Courage, Magic, Making' is decorating the divider at the very front of the binder and I've stashed a few more away in the front pockets!

Believe it or not, because I was working with a kit, it only took two hours from start to finish (including buffing up this baby) to set it up and make it not only functional, but pretty too! 

What's the best thing that you've come across while having a clear out?


  1. This looks wonderful and I can definitely tell you had fun working on rescuing and reworking this planner! I'm in the middle of a big clean-out/reorganization and I'm finding a few "oh, I remember those!" items. I'm making a little stack of them to use on some layouts soon.

  2. What a gorgeous mix of items in your planner.

  3. Yay for rescuing the planner, and stuffing it with some lovely bits - it will be fun to see it fill up - do share more.

  4. I've always wanted to do that. Just go out and find a planner that I know I can rescue!😍💞👍

  5. A while ago iI hooked out my old filofax (last used in about 1999 - i think) and thought about revamping it. You have inspired me to give it a try now. Yours has turned out great x

  6. Fave is the little clear bag of magic bits to liven things up a bit!
    A kit really DOES make the work fly.


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