Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Superduo & Rivoli Flower Pendant {Tried & Tested}

I’m still working on a more consistent blogging schedule (it seemed ridiculously difficult in 2015, when there was so much *new stuff* to deal with in my personal life!) So, over the next few weeks, I’m re-introducing a few old favourites including Tried & Tested

The idea behind Tried & Tested is really very simple – I’ll find an idea or a cute tutorial that I want to try; I’ll test it out; then I’ll let you know the results of my efforts. I’ll try to be honest, sometimes it will work, sometimes it won’t. 

Susan Sassoon’s ‘Rivoli and Superduo Flower Pendant’ looked like a lovely, little project that I could complete in the evening or over the course of weekend. However, I must admit to a little surprise at its complexity. It caught me out and I’m thrilled. It was really, really interesting to see the mind of another tutorial writer at work. Each new round had me wondering how the next bead placement would affect the overall structure and shape, which meant that I was more ‘involved’ than usual. It was wonderful to switch off, concentrate on the instructions and enjoy the journey!

Susan includes well written instructions, diagrams and clear photographs in the tutorial (so there’s something for every kind of beader to follow) and, while the tutorial is a little more involved than I had first imagined, I think a confident beginner could take this on to stretch themselves a little. 

The end result is super sparkly from the front and the back has some beautiful netting that *could* make it reversible. This will depend on whether the foiled side of a standard rivoli is appealing to you, or if you can find a suitable double-sided alternative. I’m intending to try with an alternative soon! The ‘bail’ included in the tutorial (something that I don’t see with many necklace tutorials) is also an interesting make and, I believe, it would look fantastic as components in bracelet or necklace. I love a tutorial with options – so much more worthy of that initial investment!

I’ve bookmarked Susan’s store – SoSassySusanSassoon – and will definitely be heading there for inspiration when I need a nice weekend project.


  1. That is a great review. I loved how your described 'the journey.' I will try this pattern in the future for sure..

  2. Thanks for the awesome review Clair! Seems like we think alike after all, as I also have been playing around with the bail as a component for a bracelet design. I'd love to see you try that !


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