Sunday, 25 May 2014

Creative Corners - Stone Lily Stitches

Welcome to Creative Corners! Each Sunday, I'm interviewing one of my favourite crafters, makers or entrepreneurs and will be asking them to share their 'creative corners', along with a little bit about how their creative process has affected the design and organisation (or complete lack of organisation) within their space, as well as learning a little bit more about them and their creative endeavours.

Rita's beautiful range of floaty dresses. Just lovely!

This morning, I'm delighted to be introducing Rita, from Stone Lily Stitches. Rita makes super stylish - and ever so cute - clothing and accessories - filling her beautiful Etsy store with wardrobe must-haves!

How did you get started?

Since I remember myself, I was interested in creative activities, especially sewing and other needleworks. At the age of ten my favourite occupation was making clothes for Barbie dolls together with my girlfriends. I had bags full with tiny garments. I was also interested in art and design, so I ended up in school of arts and crafts and graduated with a diploma in fashion design.

Since graduating, I have been studying and also working in a completely different fields not connected with art or fashion. Also I have lived abroad and it was hard for me to own a sewing machine due to travelling a lot. However I still have a passion for a sewing and design. So I have moved back to my hometown now and when a friend told me about Etsy, I felt it was a great opportunity and I opened a shop straight away.

Why did you decide to start your own business?

It felt as a matter of course. I just need to do it in order to fulfil my creative needs!!

When do you feel most creative?

At this season it’s a few hours before the sunset when it’s quiet and calm and I can hear the birds singing (I am living by the forest). This is the time when I really feel a lot of new ideas coming into my head. I also love early mornings, for sewing mostly not brainstorming though.

How do the materials you use influence your design?

The fabrics (and other details) I have chosen for the particular project always gives me the greatest inspiration and leads me to a particular garment. I like natural fabrics like cotton and linen for casual, loose fitted garments. I love layering and linen is great for that! But I also love bright synthetic fabrics, but mostly only for making one of a kind party dresses. My taste is pretty eclectic and I’m just making whatever crosses my mind at that time.

What is inspiring to you right now?

Right now I find linen inspiring to work with. Also the music I am listening to inspires me and helps me to create the right mood. And of course mother nature!!

What do you do to keep your space organised?

For now I don’t have a lot of stuff at my work space and it is easy to organise everything. I often go to the fabrics stores and in the past i have had many fabrics bought in total mind eclipse (fabrics stores is my addiction). They created mess at my workplace and also in my head. So I got rid of them and now I try to do only well considered and planned purchases. That keeps my mind and my workplace organised.

What are your work space essentials?

Good lighting - a big window during the day and super bright table lamp for the evening. Also a big table for cutting the fabrics and my working tools - sewing and overlock sewing machine, sharp scissors, pins and a mirror. A part of my work is also to take a photos, therefore my camera is a must! I would love to have a mannequin one day, it also helps a lot when making a garment, but if i still haven’t got one, it’s apparently not so essential.

Light floods in from Rita's large windows!

What do you think is important about handmade?

Direct communication/collaboration between me and a customer always gives me a great pleasure. I believe it’s the same for the most of the Etsy sellers and I hope for the buyers as well!! This is important about handmade - direct communication and positive vibrations! :)

As a bonus, Rita is offering 10% off any purchase from Stone Lily Stitches until the 15th June 2014. Just use the coupon code LILY10 at the checkout!


  1. So lovely to see a follow sewer! Lovely article too. X

  2. Really lovely dresses. Great read. It's lovely to meet you Lily. Xxx

  3. I used to love designing and sewing. There's something very special about the tactile experience of working with fabrics. I used to work mostly with silk. That was wonderful.


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