Sunday, 18 May 2014

Creative Corners - Clara Bella

Welcome to Creative Corners! Each Sunday, I'm interviewing one of my favourite crafters, makers or entrepreneurs and will be asking them to share their 'creative corners', along with a little bit about how their creative process has affected the design and organisation (or complete lack of organisation) within their space, as well as learning a little bit more about them and their creative endeavours.

This morning, I'm delighted to be introducing Clara, who I have had the pleasure of working with through our etsy team, Afternoon Tea, Chat & Treasuries. Clara's etsy store Clara's Handmade and, her accompanying blog - Clara's HandMade - are wonderful expressions of Clara's own 'shabby chic' aesthetic. I hope you'll enjoy our 'short, but sweet' interview!

How did you get started? 

I got started after I wanted a sewing machine, after getting one I made loads and couldn't keep it all so, with the nagging of a former co-worker, I opened a shop on etsy!

What are your workspace essentials?

My work space essentials include good light and my trusty red sewing machine 'Bob'!

Good light is essential for Clara's 'handmade' photography set up!

How organised are your Creative Corners? 

My creative space is small so it has to stay organised or it all falls on the floor!

I love how Clara's little space is boths stylish and functional!

What do you think is important about handmade?

For me handmade is about quality and original design. I try to incorporate vintage materials like old lace and crochet as much as I can. I also include vintage pieces in my shop as they fit in my interests and my theme -which is country cottage style like the embroidered table clothes and crochet place mats.

A little peek into the cupboards. Anyone else want to rummage?

What is inspiring you right now?

I am constantly inspired by the old to create something new. I adore old doilies, crochet lace and fabrics, they bring me so much joy. I am in love with the Swedish, Shaker and French Châteaux styles. 

Clara's collection of old doilies and lace!

It is a soft, relaxed, feminine, romantic way of decorating that looks comfortable and inviting. The pieces I make are what I call modern vintage.

If you've enjoyed reading about Clara and her Creative Corners, you can find out more by following Clara's Handmade on Twitter and Pinterest!


  1. Thanks for the introduction to Clara - nice post.

  2. Hi Clara. Love you're space. It's so pretty. Happy crafting. Xx

  3. Thanks Clair and for the kind comments x

  4. Such lovely bits and pieces. So pretty


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