Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My Very Own Etsy Store (And A Couple Of Giveaways!)

Hello! Hello! I'll fully admit it, it's been a little bit quiet around here recently. I've been busy working on a couple of 'hush, hush' projects (that I promise to share with you all soon) and I have finally taken the plunge and opened my own little etsy store, Obstinate Pursuit.

It's been a long, long time coming! In celebration, I'm sponsoring this month's giveaway over at Operation Tackle That Bead Stash - and giving you a little preview of a bracelet tutorial that will be available for sale in the shop this weekend.*

I'll be choosing one winner at random to receive a copy of the tutorial and all of the materials that you need to make a bracelet - including Miyuki Seed Beads and Swarovski Pearls - and will announce the winner on the 31st July. Just head over to Operation Tackle That Bead Stash and leave a comment on The July Giveaway.

* And, just in case you're wondering. It's not available at the moment, because I still haven't chosen a name. So, if you'd like an extra chance to win the tutorial, please leave a name suggestion on this very post! If I choose your suggestion, I'll send you a copy of the tutorial too! How simple is that?


  1. Flaked Out! Much luck in your venture! xx

  2. Lovely design how 'bout




    Because it reminds me of snowflakes or stars

  3. Royal Snowflake, because it looks very regal indeed. :)

  4. Snow queen or Winter flake

  5. This is gorgeous. How about 'Katie', not even sure why!!! :)

  6. Congratulations on your new blog, it looks fabulous. Love the heading banner.
    A name for the bracelet, its a hard one because they are sooo pretty. I love the white one. My first thought was 'starburst' but I can see it looks like snowflakes, so maybe 'starflakes' or 'snowburst'

  7. Good luck with your shop Clair..I know how beautiful your creations are. Your bracelet does look very regal... I see references to snow and stars have been made... how about Winter Wonders (not very good for the summer!).... Royal Wonder.......i'm not very good at this game lol!

  8. Some suggestions for a gorgeous bracelet:
    Starred Flower

  9. Welcome to Etsy, Clair. I launched a couple months ago and love it. You did a great job on the photography/look of your store! I hope to see you around in the team forums - there are some great ones out there for jewelry designers.

    The bracelet is lovely. A couple names that came to mind when I looked at your creation were "Winter Sky Bracelet" and "Icy Skies Bracelet." Both get at the snowflake and star reference and work with both color schemes.

  10. stella ice bracelet. I love the look of these and would really love to get hold of the tutorial on how to make these.

    Good luck with your etsy shop I have also recently open mine and this was where I came across your details

  11. That's just such a lovely design! Like many others it makes me think of snowflakes, but right now it even more reminds me of a macro shot I made of kirskål flowers. Now, that plant, Aegopodium podagraria, seems to have many names in english such as ground elder and gout weed. But also snow-in-the-mountain. How about that as a name? Perhaps not the best name for other colourways than the white one, though.

    If I should try and steer away from winter and ice what could I then suggest. In a way it reminds me of a tudor rose. So something with that name in it perhaps (unless you don't like that era, of cause and unless the design is very un-tudor, which it might be as I'm not that well versed in british history). Tudor Blossoms? Tudor blooms? Tudor Pearl rosettes? Adds a bit of "englishness" to it as well. If you like that.

    Good luck with your new Etsy shop!

  12. Good luck with your new Etsy shop!

    As for a tutorial name, what about Pinwheel Bracelet? That name doesn't evoke a color so it leaves people free to choose their own colors.

  13. Regal Elegance
    Star Flower
    Good luck with your new shop Clair!

  14. Congratulations and lots of luck with the Etsy store... with beauties like this, I should think you'll be snowed under!
    Alison x

  15. Now, I have no idea where this comes from, but I am thinking "Belle Goes to the Ball" for the name. No logic but that just popped into my head looking at this lovely piece. Congrats on the shop and blog and all that good stuff, and what a gorgeous tutorial!

  16. Such gorgeous bracelets. They really do have a regal air about them. I think the name 'Catherine' is nice because it has connotations of royalty with Queen Catherine of Aragon back in Tudor times (I can also see the Tudor rose resemblance!) and also for the darker more modern colour scheme it ties in with our future Queen Catherine :-) Looking forward to taking a peek at your Etsy shop....

  17. Gorgeous Clair. Good luck with your Etsy shop. My name suggestion is:

  18. Beautiful bracelet look like cowslip.

  19. The bracelet is great and I love the names people have come up with so far... It reminds me more of a tightly closed flower bud from my husbands' favourite flower - so I suggest 'Dahlia' :D They also come in many colours.


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