Saturday, 6 July 2013

Creating Crystal Jewelry {Bead, Book & Bounce Reveal}

Over the past few months, members of Operation Tackle That Bead Stash have been working on projects from Creating Crystal Jewelry by Laura McCabe. First published in 2008, Creating Crystal Jewelry was one of the first books to concentrate solely on working with Swarovski Crystal. and includes sixty-six amazing designs - that's a lot of sparkle!

The book has a lot to offer, to both beginners and more advanced beaders - with a useful (and regularly referenced) table of 'Guidelines For Bezelling', versatile techniques for bezelling stones and crystals and some truly beautiful projects.

I was a little limited in my choice of projects because of other time commitments over the last couple of months so, although some of the larger, more intricate projects really appealed, I chose to create a Crystal Burst Ring. 

I'd love to tell you that I had no difficulties with the pattern, but I can't. I should say though, that those difficulties were all mine. I found that I have incredibly tight tension while using Peyote Stitch and my first few attempts at creating my bezel were all too small for my 14mm rivoli. Laura offers some advice in the book, suggesting that beaders with tight tension leave a little 'wiggle room' in their initial circle of delicas. Let's just say that I left rather a lot of room!

The remainder of the pattern was so simple in comparison - though it might be a little fiddly for complete beginners, the diagrams are easy to follow and can be adapted by more advanced beaders. Rather than finish my ring with a band of flat peyote (which I think I would find uncomfortable) I attached an adjustable sieve style ring base, stitching through the holes in the base and into the peyote bezel to secure the attachment. It works extremely well - and I'm so proud of my little self for thinking of it!


  1. That's gorgeous!! Well done, you - I wouldn't have thought of trying that on a ring the way you did! :) (Fabulous post on OTTBS blog, too - you're a wonderful writer, my friend!)

  2. Great idea for the ring, it is a fun project for using up odd rivolis and bicones, but then I found I wanted to try lots of combinations!

  3. Thanks for writing this review. Now I really want to buy this book!

  4. Gorgeous ring, I love the colours you've used.


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