Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Little Leftover Loveliness {Bead Table Wednesday}

Operation Tackle That Beadstash have declared the month of June to be 'Leftovers Month' and so, we are encouraging everyone to rummage around in their beadstash, and make something pretty with the random bits and pieces that they find. 

So, hoping to lead by example, I had a little dig around in stash over the weekend - and came up with several bags of wooden beads which were leftover from when I started beading. Nestled in there, amongst those cheap wooden beads, was a beautiful, little focal that I'd completely forgotten about - who said poking around in your past was a bad thing? 

Goddess Necklace

It took a little while to sort the beads into usable piles - and there were a few truly ugly beads that had to be discarded along the way. There was then a little bit of trial and error as I worked through a couple of patterns until I came up with a design (and length) that I was happy with as a necklace.

In the end, I opted to string the beads onto a some copper wire, as it held the shape of the necklace far better than any of my beading threads - and it allowed me to shape a button clasp that wouldn't stretch with time. Happily, I think it compliments the wooden beads well!

Button Closure

I can't quite believe that, after all this time, the wooden beads that I had banished to the bottom of my beading box have finally made a re-appearance and I've turned them into a piece of jewellery that I actually like. Just the incentive I need to have another rummage!


  1. Gorgeous necklace and I'd never of thought of using wire to string beads onto. Thanks. :)

  2. what a lovely necklace honey and what a great focal bead xx


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