Tuesday, 25 October 2011

There Was Laughter {Pretty Paper Party}

I was thrilled when I received today's prompt from Shimelle's Pretty Paper Party. It's all about combining colours and, just last night, I finished a layout using one of the example colour combinations. I have never been so up to date with a class!

There Was Laughter

A certain someone will recognise this photograph immediately. In all honesty, it about time that the story of Meeting Mel made it onto a layout. And it's particularly apt, because we met through a Shimelle class! The journalling, and some of Mel's Photographs, are all on the blue piece of card that's tucked away behind the main photograph.

There Was Laughter - Detail

All of the cardstock and papers on the layout are from my October Counterfeit Kit only the base cardstock was a new sheet. I love the papers and the calm colours (though this colour combination could be a riot in different ratios!) but I think it's the splash of blue ink that really makes the layout come alive.

Whatcha think Mel?

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Stashbusting Session {Pretty Paper Party}

I had a mammoth card making session last night. Mammoth. I decided to take inspiration from one of the Pretty Paper Party prompts - Dots & Stripes - and decided to use up some of my scraps.

Love Actually

I have a ton of long thin strips of paper, which I keep in a (burgeoning) 12 x 12 box, and another selection of scraps in an old shoebox, which I have sorted by colour. And you know what? No matter how much I try to whittle them down, I never seem able to make a dent in them. Still, it's worth a try if you end up with something to show for all your effort.

Anyway, here's a few of the cards I made last night....


I've also used some scraps from my August Kit and, a few that have already piled up from my October Kit.

I embellished with a few bits and bobs from the 'leftovers' tub I keep on my desk. At the end of a crafting session I just throw all of my brads, buttons, sentiments and such into a big tub. It saves tidying up and serves me well whenever I have a card making session. Whenever I get bored of rummaging through the same old things, I sort them and start all over again.

With Love

Thinking Of You

I'd love to know how the rest of you organise your scraps and such, and how you organise yourselves for a crafting session. Do you focus on creating each card one by one, or do you have a more 'assembly line' attitude?

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Best Day {Pretty Paper Party}

It was an awkward moment. We hadn't seen each other for such a long time. But thanks to Shimelle I have, at long last, been reaquainted with my crafty mojo.

Shimelle's new scrapbooking class, Pretty Paper Party, arrived at just the right time. I needed a little bit of focus - and the class is certainly focused. On encouraging us to use up our pretty paper stash.

So far, Shimelle has been easing us in gently. Prompting us to look at new ways of combining our patterned papers - looking at colour combinations, base colours and pattern size. Although I've never felt afraid of pattern or colours in my scrapbooking, but it's been awkward for me to incorporate both into a style that suits me and my, slightly, minimalist tendencies. But, I have a couple of layouts done and dusted and, although they've incorporated lots of colour and pattern, I love them! Here's one, I'll share some more as soon as the light's good enough to take more photographs....


Stamp Detail

Shimelle has also been talking a little about how she puts together her cardstock and patterned papers for a crafting session. I smiled a lot, when she described the principles I use to put together my Counterfeit Kits.

Having my October Kit ready and at my side while I've been working through the prompts has made it so easy to pull out co-ordinating colours and patterns without constant rummaging. I have no idea how I used to scrap before I started counterfeiting. I only know that it used to feel so much harder. So, if you're visiting from Pretty Paper Party and the Counterfeit Kit Challenge is a new concept, I can highly recommend it. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Rose Garden {October's Counterfeit Kit}

How lovely it is to have a little bit of time to myself! I'm looking forward to - finally - having some time to work with my Counterfeit Kit. I actually started work on putting together my kit as soon as the October Inspiration Kit was revealed, but I haven't had much chance to show it off!

The Inspiration Kit was chock full of American Crafts - one of my all time favourite scrapbook manufacturers. I just love how each and every one of their patterns co-ordinate with each other, even across collections!

Rose Garden

To start with I raided my stash for some of my favourite American Crafts papers, then added in some co-ordinating colours and styles from Echo Park and Prima. I've included co-ordinating alpha sets from Papermania and October Afternoon and a sheet of beautiful cardstock stickers from Echo Park's Victoria Gardens.

Rose Garden - Handmade Embellishments

I've made some of my own floral style embellishments, using some trim and a few bits of bling that I had in my stash. I love the way these look - and hope you will too - watch out for a wee tutorial later this week!

I'm excited to start working with my luscious little kit and even though there's not really all that much of October left, I've received the first few prompts from Shimelle's new class - Pretty Paper Party - so I have no excuse not to get creating.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Obstinately Pursuing

I think it's about time that I pulled myself out of my self-pitying stupor! With work, illness and the anniversary of my mum's death hanging over me like a black cloud for the last few weeks I've been feeling tired, uncreative and more than a little bit 'bleh'.

Everytime that I've sat down to write something, it hasn't felt right; hasn't felt good enough. On my own blog. I'm not good enough for my own damn blog! And yet, I began this blog as an outlet - as somewhere to speak my own mind; as somewhere to be myself; and be braver with words than I am in real life.

Break Through

I need to remember that I began this blog to obstinately pursue* my own individuality, happiness and dreams.

I'm also craving a little bit of a fresh start. So maybe, just maybe you'll be seeing some changes around here over the next few weeks. A new, fresh look and, shocking though this may be, some actual blogposts.

* It was so tempting to complete that sentence with "...to obstinately pursue where no-one has obstinately pursued before." So, so tempting.