Thursday, 1 October 2009

Meeting Mel - Blogtoberfest Day One

Oh my! I cannot quite believe that it's October already. Where exactly did September go? Honestly, my months are just flying by and I feel a little out of breath from trying to keep up with it all. But, to celebrate the beginning of October and what has been the beginning of my autumn - a bit of belated sunshine at last - I'll be trying to keep up with the Blogtoberfest organised by the lovely TinnieGirl.

And what better way to start a blogging festival that to meet a friend from the blogging world in real life? Mel from I Speak Melsh and I have been following each other's blogs since we both started Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day Class. It was only when I posted to our local Freecycle Group that Mel spotted my e-mail address and, asked whether I was local, that we realised were within meeting distance. Which just goes to show that sometimes using your real name on the internet can be a good thing and doesn't just bring out the oddballs.

Autumn Sky

We decided to meet up today in our local park for a chat and some cake. I must admit that there was a fair bit of cake and quite a lot of talking. We're both talkers, it seems, so next time we meet we may have to allocate talking time in five minute intervals! We also had lots of fun attempting the 'jumping' photographs that everyone seems so keen on recently, but I couldn't find my remote release and somehow our timing was off. All we got were blurs of us landing. We may need more practice.


Mel was on the right of the screen. Truly. It could be that she's only blended into the background because she was wearing light coloured clothes, but then I'm wondering if, when she was telling me that she's angelic, I mis-read the smirk on her face?

Edited: Mel's, ever so slightly, less blurry photographs.


  1. Oh, how FUN! I love meeting online friends in real life! It would have been nice to see an unblurry photo though! LOL TFS your day!

  2. that sounds like a fun day indeed. online friends can become great friends, just need to take a little risk at times.
    by the way LOVE freecycle, what a great thing for our environment.
    hope you have a great Blogtoberfest Clair

  3. This is so beautiful! What a fabulous post and how lovely that you got to meet up and have fun :) K

  4. Such a nice story! I haven't yet met anyone in person that I know online, but I'm sure it will happen one day. And heres to cake and talking!

  5. It's the figment of your imagination here... ;-) Just wanted to offer visitors to your blog the chance to see a (slightly) less blurry shot over at mine! (And to be really cheeky and publicise my giveaway, too - sorry...)

  6. A blogerfest? That sounds like so much fun! That picture is so cute. I'm glad you girls had a good time.

  7. Mel. I suppose now that you're my friend in real life, I can't tell you off for your shameless self-promotion :)

  8. Heh, heh! Now we're friends, you totally CAN tell me off!! And now we're friends, I totally can ignore you... ;-)


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