Saturday, 23 July 2011

I'm A Card-Making, Pennant Monster!

Ah! It's been a strange old week! I had a little bit of a reaction to one of my injections for India (which is now only a week away - excited) and have been unbelievably ill. Bleh! So there's been very little craftiness in this house over the last week. The inspiration has been there, the inclination has not.

But, after reading through the posts in Going Postal, a new blog series by Julie Kirk, I had the undeniable urge to make cards. So I sat down last night, cracked open my Counterfeit Kit for July, and came up with a card inspired by Julie's General Greetings.


The base of the card is quite simple - a little patchwork of co-ordinating papers and a bit of stitchery. To create the pennant greetings, I stamped the ticket image from Admit One and used Jessie's ABCs to add the lettering. (Both sets are available from Make The Day Special.)

I then 'strung' them onto some embroidery thread (by sticking them with double-sided tape) along with some colour co-ordinating beads. And voila!


I've never used the tickets as pennants before, but I feel a lot of cards on this theme coming on. I have a feeling that Julie may have inadvertantly created a card-making pennant monster!


Amy said...

I am very sorry to hear of your adverse reaction to one of the injections - hopefully you'll be fighting fit for the trip!
The card is super cute - you make a lovely 'Pennant Making Card Monster!'

Julie Kirk said...

Hey lovely, thank you for playing along!

You're all safely pinned to the Pinterest board now:

I warn you ... 'hello' gets addictive.

Feel better soon x

Lisa said...

thanks for the inspiration! always looking for easy but pretty cards to make for everyday! I am a banner fiend so this little beaded version is just up my street.

helen said...

Those beads are a great idea - I'm a fan of Hello too!

jennifer said...

The beads add such a cute touch to the banner! Fab card. Hope you're feeling better now too. X

Kim Strother said...

The banners sure are fun! I love you take with it in this card. I'd love to hear more about your upcomming trip! What an adventure!

Louise said...

Hope you're feeling better, Clair. Love this card! x

Cheryl said...

what a cute little card hun. so sorry to hear that you have had a reaction to your injection that is not good. Hope you are feeling fighting fit soon sending big hugs x

Lara said...

Gorgeous - what a great idea!

Hope you feel better soon and have a fun time away x

Fay aka Beautifullily said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, yours is fab too - very bright and cheery.

Hope you have a great trip to India, the jabs are worth it, I visited many years ago now before children!

Margie said...

What a bright, fun card!! Love it! Hope you are feeling better!

Kirsty Neale said...

So, so pretty, Ms Pennant-Monster!

Am guessing you're in India just now - how exciting. Hope you're having/have had a wonderful time (and are fully recovered, obviously). Will look forward to lots of amazing pictures and stories once you're back.