Saturday, 19 March 2011

Hello. Hi. How Are You?

I'll be the first to admit that I've never really been much of a card maker, but I'm determined to use up some of my smaller scraps and conquer my fear of small (design) spaces by making some cards. So, in an attempt to make life easier for myself, I've been designing more mini cards.

These dinky, little cards have a canvas size smaller than an ATC, so filling up the space is a lot easier than when you're designing a traditionally sized card - especially when you have such beautiful stamps to hand.

The first card features one of the suitcase stamps from the A Girl & Her Adventures collection but once again I've used it almost as a background stamp and it's made a plain bit of card into an 'oh so pretty' piece of patterned paper and adds a shabby chic, vintage touch. A couple of stickers and embellishments later and I was done.
Hi Card
For the second, I simple stamped a quote from the delicious All About The Journey collection, added some scraps of paper and a hand rolled fabric rose. All done in less time than takes to make a cup of tea - and just as refreshing!
Mini Card
Two of the easiest cards I've ever made, yet easily two of my favourites. I'm sure my Make The Day Special stamps will be getting a little more use this weekend, as I play around with the big pile of scraps that's accumulated on my desk.


  1. I love the quote. Such a nice thought. And the roses are brilliant!

  2. They are gorgeous Clair! I especially love the 1st one, I am a big fan of brown and pink together. I just bought some card making supplies today, I fancied trying something new, wish me luck!

  3. Ooh, now I like these - I can't make cards to save my life, but I love anything little so starting off small might just be the way to go, eh?

  4. hiii. These are stunning. Really loving the fabric roses you're using a the moment.

  5. These are so pretty! I love that rose!

  6. Very pretty! The fabric flowers are lovely and I love how you have made your own backgrounds, with splattered ink/paint and stamped images.
    The second card would be a great one to send to a friend who's taking exams, or someone about to go to university etc..
    Small, but perfectly formed!

  7. BEE-yoo-ti-ful :-) Love them both! xx

  8. Gorgeous cards. How fun to tuck these little gems into an unexpected place. I think I'll make some myself.

  9. Absolutely lovely! I like the spattered background too :-) I'm also another who is a little challenged when it comes to cards ... what is it with that I wonder?

  10. Oh these little cards are so lovely!! I too am afraid of designing small spaces! Why is it so hard to do??? Loving the flowers on these! :)

  11. Ah, the cards are lovely! I'm really enjoying your blog, you have such wonderful ideas!

    Happy Spring!

  12. LOVE the cards, Clair! I really love the rosettes you added. xo


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