Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Missing In Action {A Little Interlude}

Deadlines. I thought I'd finished with deadlines the day I handed in my dissertation. But no, I have a major deadline next week and, although I'm unlikely to have to pull an all nighter and then do my printing on the morning of my deadline* - ahem - I currently look very much like this. Isn't this photograph fantastic? I'll be around over the weekend. See you then x

* Not something I'd recommend for those suffering from low or high blood pressure, panic attacks or...um...hangovers!


  1. Good Luck ... see you on the other side!

  2. Great link. Hope you get it done

  3. Best of luck with your hectic rush to the finish line! Make sure to take a few moments this weekend to completely and utterly unwind - you deserve it!

  4. Love the pic! Are you mainlining tea? Poor you! But I will indeed see you at the weekend. That would be tomorrow then. Yay!! Looking forward to it muchly xx


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