Friday, 31 December 2010

Learn Something New Every Day {Finally Finished Fridays}

After categorising some of my works in progress at the beginning of November and promising to complete at least one project each week - a promise which I managed to keep for all of three weeks before I became ill - it looked as though the pile of unfinished, unloved projects would once again be forgotten. But the sense of satisfaction that came from finally finishing a project that has been sat gathering dust was hard to forget and I've decided that the idea of Finally Finished Fridays is worth continuing on into the New Year.

I admit that it will be hard to pick up those old, unfinished items when new projects are beckoning but, thankfully, I have you - my lovely blogreaders - to keep me on track and tell me off when I don't post something each week. You will help me, won't you?

Anyway, just to prove that I'll be following through on my promise this time around, here's a completed project to round off 2010. (There's so many photographs of it, I've had to pop them into a slideshow!)

I started this mini-album in September, when Shimelle's annual Learn Something New Every Day project began in earnest. I was determined to keep up with the project but, I had some extremely bad news not long into the project, and although I continued to keep notes, take pictures and jot down my journalling, it was too difficult to complete the actual album at the time. (And it's easy to see why once you start scrolling through the photographs.)

I'd made a start on putting together some of the pages at the beginning of November, because I felt that since I'd managed to keep on journalling and taking photographs, that I should be able to finish the album without too much trouble. But, because there were some very hard lessons for me in September, looking back was difficult - and a little overwhelming, and I only managed a few pages at a time. I finally finished today (though the photograph from Day 18 seems to have gone missing!) and it feels just a little bittersweet.

But, if I can finish this little album, I can finish anything and I feel as though I can let go of the events of 2010 and move forward into 2011.

Have a Happy New Year x


  1. Just wonderful.

    Sharing your life's events this year has taught me something important.

    May 2011 teach you many warm, wonderful, magnificent things. x

  2. fabulous book! must have been very difficult to complete but the result is beautiful :)

  3. I can't even begin to imagine how tough that little book has been for you to make, I hope that helps you to move forward into the new year, just as you wish. Take care Clair and Happy New Year to you and yours :-)

  4. Oh, Clair, I love this little book, and I love that you put it in a slideshow so that we could enjoy it here on your blog. I know there were tough things for you to deal with as you worked on this book, but I think it's a wonderful documentation of life itself.

    I am inspired to do a tag book...I love the looks of this... ♥

  5. Oh Clair - it's so beautiful, and so brave. I've been crying as I viewed it! See you soon xx


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