Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Progressing Nicely

I spent some time this weekend trying to categorise my works in progress - barely started; got going; halfway through; a couple of tweaks; and almost finished but too lazy to add the last, necessary component. Is it just me that has this problem with completing projects?


I'm going to try and finish at least one project a week between now and the new year - when I shall be recovering from the excesses of the holidays; when my probable detox diet will be creating issues with my manual dexterity; and when I shall, most likely, abandon all ideas of completing works in progress and start afresh.

Sneak Peeks

I'll be sharing all of my 'in progress' and 'finally finished' photographs as incentive, but it won't work unless you, my lovely blog readers, hold me accountable. So watch out for Finally Finished Fridays and, please, tell me how you find the motivation to start working on old projects!


  1. ooh loving the look of the pink flowers, i think that's what they are. u WILL complete ur projects clair,.................but only if u hold me accountable too, heehee, <3 <3
    Jo xxx

  2. I love the tags and wonder what they are going to be. I did begin to congratulate you on your jobs but .... Very well done, I'm delighted for you.

  3. You are not the only one that has this problem. Looking forward to seeing more projects!

  4. Hi Clair!

    You're not the only one with unfinished projects...I have a layout and a mini book collecting dust! eek!!!

    I love what I see so far and I cannot wait to see the end results. You may need to even post how to make them...those flowers (I'm assuming that's what the frilly pink stuff are) look gorgeous!

    Thanks so much for commenting on my post yesterday. :D

    same thing on my end. :D

  5. Hi Clair, you and me both maybe we should hold each other accountable lol no looking forward to seeing some completed projects x

  6. When it comes to scrapping I have to finish one before the other - unless you count online classes, in that case the motivation would be greatly appreciated!

  7. Yep, I will be checking up on you.... Can't wait to see these projects complete and even more beautiful! xx

  8. *pokes* Oh, wait...it's not Friday yet. *blushes*


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