Friday, 12 November 2010

A Small Start {Finally Finished Friday}

Although starting a new job seems to have caught up with me this week and the energy with which I enthusiastically tackled spreadsheets last week begins to wane, I didn't want to have to admit defeat in the very first week of my attempt to finish some of my (many) works in progress.

So, I'm starting small and have finally finished a small pair of earrings, using the leftover pink crystal beads from an earlier bracelet project - a project which had also been on my 'to do' list for a long time.

Pink Earrings

Finishing these wee beauties might have been a fairly simple task, but I still feel a sense of achievement and I've finally crossed one 'work in progress' off my list.


  1. it only takes one to feel a pride in completion darling, they are lovely. very PINK!!!! I love pink so there u go. Hope ur week is improving now its the weekend.
    Jo xxxxx

  2. Well, now they are ready for you to wear to work next week :-)

  3. Pretty! And so is the cup :)

  4. Gorgeous. Feel free to mail them to me :D

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  6. They are gorgeous Clair! (Sorry had to delete my last comment due to appalling spelling!)


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