Sunday, 11 July 2010

Along Came Life

Every time that I try to settle down to the business of blogging, something seems to get in the way of my best laid plans. I had the best of intentions. I'd set myself a schedule; I'd signed up for Shimelle's new and wonderful photography based class; and I'd suddenly had plenty of crafting inspiration.

Along came life. You know. The kind of life that just derails all other activities. You see, although I am loving my new job and my new colleagues, my contract ends in October and I am desperate to find another job before then. Because - for the sake of my sanity, happiness and all that is good in the world - I cannot spend more time at home. I mope.

Autumn Sky

So, this week - instead of crafting and enjoying the sunshine - I've been busy completing job application forms, attending a shitty interview and sobbing with the disappointment that can only come from finding out that you were second.

For now, I can only ask my lovely readers to be patient. I'm not happy to have made crafty, blogging promises that I can't currently keep but I know things will turn out right. Eventually.


  1. oh clair, im sorry your job isnt permanent. i can totally empathise with the time at home/applications/interviews/being second feelings. dont get disheartened remember all the help and advice u gave me? it worked. i know how tough it gets and even though it took me a long time to find my job, giving up wasnt an option. you will find a job, just keep at it. dont worry about ur blogging etc, ur sanity and career have to take priority at this point in time. once ur settled, u'll be moaning cos work has taken over again and ur too tired to blog!!!!!
    take care Jo xxxx

  2. Good luck Clair, blogging and crafty will always be here - don't let moping take over!

  3. Just yesterday I was helping someone fill out a form which took me right back to how much Ihated writing job applications - so I feel for you x

    Whenever I have missed out on a job my Dad has never failed to say "Well, it's their loss". So let me pass that on to you.

    I hope you find something soon and if you don't .... don't mope ... set up an online shop and we can swap tips!


  4. Hi Clair ~ So sorry to hear that you are going through a challenging time here. Keep your chin up...this is only temporary {like everything else}. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find a fabulous new job and the crafting will resume! xo

  5. Sorry to hear that it's a bit hard going at the minute and the very best of luck with looking for exactly the right job for you :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you too

  6. Oh, babe - you know where I am if you want a chat xx So sorry to hear about your disappointment, I can only echo that it is their loss and that it must mean there's another, better job for you xx

  7. I do happen to believe that when one door shuts, it's because there's another one waiting to open. Hang on in there - the perfect job WILL come along. In the meantime, though, don't mope - cut, stamp, paste and make beautiful things. If the worse comes to the worst and you're unemployed for a while in October you'll have time to get all your Cheristmas cards made!

  8. If you want some bumper sticker advice, everything happens for a reason, and it all works out in the end. But for now, just enjoy it and don't feel guilty about crafts and the blog, just be happy. I'm crossing my fingers that something will come your way soon.

  9. Oh Clair - take your time lovely, no rush! Wishing you lots of good vibes x


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