Thursday, 11 March 2010

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I am currently feeling especially thankful - and I would like, very much, to give thanks where it's appropriate.

Let's start with an absolutely ma-ha-hassive "Thank You" to the people who follow my blog or leave comments on my posts. Whether you're an old or new follower, a regular commenter or a lurker, I want you to know that you're very much appreciated. You're what makes this blog worthwhile.

You Make My Heart So Happy Cards available from Carol Lee Designs.

I'd like to say "Thanks So Much For The Support" to everyone who has commented, e-mailed or blogged about my Waste Not Wednesday tutorials. Your feedback has been fantastic and it's really spurring me on!

And I also need to say "Thank You', You're Fantastic!" to the lovely, lovely bloggers who have dedicated a blog award to me and my 'Obstinate Pursuit'. I know that some of you gave me those awards a long time ago - but I haven't forgotten - I just haven't been able bring myself to 'toot my own horn'. However, your appreciation has been noted. I love you all, very much.


  1. You're ever so welcome! We try to be nice so that one day you'll make cake for us instead of always for Mel, who makes us feel so left out here in our lonely cakeless corners. But it's not JUST the cake; we like your spirit and your creativity too.

  2. I didn't realize you had a whole series of Waste Not Wednesday - I like it!!! :o)

    You are most welcome...and thank you for the sweet comments you have left on my blog over the past few days. xo

  3. Love you too sweetie *mwah!* Hey, I think I fit all of the above - old, new, a commenter, a lurker, a people, a feedbacker, and (naturally) a lovely, lovely blogger! Yay! *happy dance* xx

  4. well ... I'm only a newbie as far as commenting is concerned - I've been checking you out for a little while courtesy of Mel (in a thoroughly appropriate and non weird sort of way!)and I love to visit :-)
    I love the card today - I think I might try and make one of those myself. And yes, a bit a cake sharing would not go astray .....

  5. You're very welcome! Glad to have discovered your site, x


I <3 comments! Thank you x