Monday, 15 February 2010

Rock On! {Fashion Forward}

In what is perhaps a little bit of a backlash against the season's trends of soft, shimmering colours and vintage inspired outfits, I've been noticing a resurgance of rocker chic. The strong autumn/winter trends of studs, chains and zips have now been joined by denim, buckles and a more edgy take on the bodycon dress.

If you've been oogling Herve Lerger's Spring 2010 Collection (and if you haven't please do, oogling is so under-rated) then you might be interested to know that this version from Goddiva is only £35. Around £2000 cheaper. Oh, and did I mention it comes in four colours? Rock on!

Rock My World

Rock My World by OPCreative featuring Dorothy Perkins Boots

And when was the last time you found boots this amazing in Dorothy Perkins?

If you're looking for more fashion inspiration then please head on over to see Katherine at Paper Pocket and check out the posts from the other fabulous Fashion Forward ladies. And, don't forget, you're more than welcome to join us in posting your fashionable finds - just check out the guidelines.


  1. Yeah baby! This is so not going anywhere near my body because I just know what will be popping out of those cut-outs!! ;) Seriously gorgeous look Clair. I LOVE those boots (Dorothy Perkins? No way!) Typical that they release this stuff just when I leave the country! Enjoy your week :) K

  2. wow, when do we see u in the full rigout then Clair? dare yah!!!
    Jo xxx

  3. Want. Those. Boots!! And looking forward to seeing you model the dress.... ;-)

  4. Yikes, that dress makes me want to hit the gym! Or lay off of the ice cream-for-dessert habit I have going on. But that second one's not going to happen. So gym it is! I do really like those boots, too. They mean business.

  5. Hahahah! Clair our FF are complete opposites ;) I love the edginess of this outfit! I was on Dorothy Perkins late last night drooling over all the wonderful dresses! One day I plan to do an online order from there :) That dress is so sexy! I love it. Courtney, see you in the gym!

  6. You can put together rocker chic like no one else! Very cool. But I agree with Courtney, much time must be spent at the gym before that dress can grace these hips.

  7. I love Rocker chic! New look has an amazing rock range at the moment x

  8. great dark and lovely.


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