Monday, 2 November 2009

I Feel Love! {Fashion Forward)

I've had a day to get used to it, but I still can't quite believe that it's November - and that means that I'm taking over from the lovely Katherine to host this month's Fashion Forward festivities. (Thanks so much for hosting the first month lady! You rock!)

Now, since I'm hosting for the first time, I wanted my post to be something special so I've scoured the internet looking for the latest trends, colours, themes and designers. And, um, I've have come up with absolutely nothing!

Nothing, that is, that has been able to take my mind off these -

These are Pixi Shoes by Brian Atwood and are, quite possibly, the most glorious shoes I have ever seen in my life. My love for these shoes is echoed only by the music playing on the main Brian Atwood website. I feel love, I feel love, I feeeeeel love!

These shoes are, in my opinion, the epitome of 'grown up sexy'. They ooze class and wouldn't look out of place with a slinky little pencil skirt and an immaculate white shirt for a day at the office but with their height, and semi-sadist strappiness, they hint at just a little bit of kink beneath that serious surface. I don't know about you, but that's definitely what I'm looking for in a shoe!!

If you've got a fashion find or idyllic interior that you'd like to share with the world, please play along with us this week. Just post and then pop back here to leave us a link so that we can come by to ooh and ahhh. (First timers can check out our guidelines and save themselves a sidebar button.)

One last thing. I promised to give away a little surprise to one of the lovely ladies who joined us in our first month of Fashion Forward and I'll be back later on in the day to let you know who's won and what they've won. In the meantime, there's still chance for you to enter the Hallowe'en Weekend Treat.)


  1. Those shoes! I probably wouldn't be able to walk in them, but if I could just sit all day...I would try to rock those:)

  2. Oh wow! I'm feeling it too baby!! Love these shoes... pity about ever hoping to walk in them, but hey, who needs to move when you can just be a goddess in these?!! K x

  3. hell if you had shoes like that you'd want the chair and four adonis-like men to carry you everywhere. Those are not shoes for walking. Those are shoes for sitting around and looking unapproachably fabulous in. Well found clair!

  4. Oh, lovely! I really like the material and color - it softens what would otherwise be a very extreme shoe. I should buy my pair now. I'm going to need some serious practice walking in those.

  5. OMG! These are shoes you, well, I'm not going to type it, but yeah, these are some serious shoes! And the song on the site is perfect for a dance break! Great find!

  6. oh....those are seriously...a pair of shoes I could die for!!!

  7. Woah...aren't those sassy! Love them.

  8. Um,Um,um, they're almost as big as me! I do love the straps but I think they would become vases Clair. I can see a small bunch of flowers-{maybe lily of the valley}wrapped in some kind of plaid or tartan though. Happy happies.


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