Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Free To Be Me! {AAM Blog Hop}

Welcome to the First Ever All About Me Challenge Blog Hop! The All About Me Team are all revealing this month's first challenge; sharing a little bit more about themselves and, well, there's a few giveaways too! I'm a wee bit excited to be involved!

In fact, I'm still really excited to be involved in the All About Me Team at all! I am so grateful that I have had the chance to work alongside the amazing women that make up the rest of the team and inspire so many people to start scrapping about the one thing that's usually forgotten. Themselves. The idea is simple, but it's affects are quite astounding. Through scrapping about myself - my dreams, fears and emotions - I've been able to learn more about who I am, who I'm not and who I want to be. I feel more comfortable with myself. I am finally Free To Be Me!

And since so many of the team feel the same way this is our theme for the Blog Hop, we only hope that in some small way, taking part in our challenges helps you feel free to be yourself.

Now, from the serious to the ridiculous! One of the things that I am coming to love about scrapbooking is the conversations that I have with The Steve as a result of sharing my final layouts. This time around our conversation went a bit like this -

Me: What do you think of this layout?
The Steve: What was the theme?
Me: We had to do a layout based on the idea 'I Can't Live Without'.
The Steve: Oh
Me: What?
The Steve: Well, I'm just looking for me on there.
Me: I do serious layouts all the time, I wanted to do something 'fun'.
The Steve: (starting to smirk) Oh? So now I'm not fun?
Me: *sigh*

It always ends in a sigh!

Indisposable Camera

Indisposable Camera - Layout Details: Most of the hard work has been done by the rather lovely handmade paper which was sent to me by the rather lovely Joyce! I've added a few scraps of paper and ribbon; some stitching and an image of my beloved Nikon D40.

Now, I know there's a lot to take in here today, but keep reading - there are prizes to be had people! Each of the All About Me Team has a questionnaire on their blogs and you can win a fabulous prize on the main site by answering questions about us so this is All About Me -

1. My Childhood Ambition - "Heal the world. Make it a better place." Okay, that's a little facetious, but it is true. All I have ever wanted to do is make the world a better place, little by little. I honestly believe that, no matter how small we may sometimes feel, we can each make a very real difference.
2. My Retreat - Books. What better way to escape from your own world than by immersing yourself in someone elses?
3. The Perfect Day - Morning sunshine; birds tweeting; pancakes; a walk in the country; a pub lunch; a village fete; hot tea and biscuits; dinner with friends; hugs before bedtime; my favourite bed; sleep.
4. My First Job - Ooh, it's not very exciting, but my first experience of working was as a Paper Girl. I had to convince my parents to let me have a go. They thought I wouldn't manage to stick the early hours and the heavy bags of papers, but I stuck with it for a year and a half before I found myself a weekend job instead. I loved the early mornings - so quiet and peaceful. It was like having the whole world all to myself!
5. My Wildest Dream - If I could have anything that I wanted - a true, 'in my wildest dreams' extravagance - it would be the opportunity to really explore Africa, working on voluntary projects; living with locals; travelling with other tourists. Oh! I could go on and on about this, so I'm going to stop. Right now.
6. If My Life Was A Musical It Would Be Called - The Procrastinator! See it today. Or possibly tomorrow..... :)
7. My Proudest Moment - It might sound really odd, but I don't think that I have one. I don't mean that there haven't been times when I've felt proud of myself but there isn't one moment that sticks out amongst the rest - only quiet, little periods of satisfaction and contentment - and I think I prefer it that way.
8. My Favourite Item Of Clothing - I have to pick one? Oh f**k! Um.....
9. I Feel Ready For The Day - Only after a cup of tea, toast and a bath.
10. I COULD Live Without - Big Brother, ironing and pigeons. Bleh. Pigeons!

Your Chance To Win!

What would a Blog Hop be without a fabulous giveaway? And, boy, have I got THE MOST FABULOUS GIVEAWAY! The cute and crafty ladies over at The Copy & Paste Project have organised a Twelve Days of Christmas Workshop full of the most amazing projects which use up your amazing crafty stash and leave you with some gorgeous goodies that you can give as gifts ( for yourself. Not that you would. Obviously. Ahem!)

Twelve Days Of Christmas

Julie and Kirsty are both fabulous instructors and have, between them, designed for Banana Frog, Scrapbook Inspirations, Quirky Kits, Gauche Alchemy, Kitschy Digitals, QTea Kits and The Creative Type. Blimey! Do you think they'll be inspiring enough?

The workshop kicks off tomorrow, November 5th and runs until November 20th. There's twelve days of downloadable instructions; access to a super secret workshop blog and a much, much more. For your chance to win a place in the class, you'll need to leave me a comment below telling me your favourite tune for Christmas crafting. That's it, nothing complicated! (But you must include your favourite tune for a chance to win, okay?)

Since, I'll be drawing the winner at the end of the Blog Hop on Saturday, 7th November, my advice is this - sign up for the class now so that you don't miss the buzz on the blog as the class starts - and, if you win, Julie and Kirsty will happily refund you!

What Now?

Phew! Did you get all that? I'd suggest getting yourself a cuppa and a biscuit or two before heading on to Janis's blog The Reluctant Scrapper for the next part of the All About Me Challenge Blog Hop. But do come back and visit again, okay?


  1. Love your layout Clair! And what a great give-away! Wish I could join in...

  2. Hello to The Steve, who clearly is fun.

  3. I want that prize!! Pleeeeease!! I've been soooo tempted to sign up, over and over again.... But I can't really justify it right now :-( My fave tune for Christmas crafting? I don't have a particular choice for Christmassy crafts, I tend to just stick on my usual fave CDs (Editors, Foo Fighters, Green Day...) I do put on a cheesy Christmas compilation while making my mince pies every year though!

    The LO is gorgeous :-) The Steve reminds me of The Doctor - he too *sigh*s. If I'm lucky.

    I have a bit of an issue with you loving early mornings!! This may impede our friendship...

  4. Very nice layout, Clair! Also, your perfect day sounds very, very similar to mine.

  5. I loved learning more about you! Beautiful layout!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. haha that little 'you and steve' skit made me pee my pants. I think your childhood ambition is pretty awesome :D


    jeese, i can't spell today..hence deleted comment

  8. Dag nabbit my first clever comment (insert sarcasm :D) got erased when I couldn't see the lettering and hit refresh.. grrr... ok I think it went like this...

    Do you mean Big Brother as in the tv show or the government. I am not sure and as I read it I thought hmmm could go either way. lol Love the layout ...thanks for sharing it and the insight into the Steve and yours convo... Men are pretty universal aren't they. :D

  9. Cuuuute layout!

    My fave Christmas crafting song is Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid cause it reminds me of being a kid and that's what Christmas is all about :)

  10. Loved the layout..and the post. Especially the title of your musical. Too funny.
    My favourite christmas scrapping tune is "all I want for christmas" and Band-Aid of course!

  11. Does my post not count then? 'Cos I mentioned lots of groups rather than just one song? If I do have to name one tune, it would be the first one on that cheesy compliation I mentioned ('cos the first few chords really bring on the Christmas feeling) - and that would be Happy Xmas (War is Over) by John Lennon :-)

    Now am I entered? Please, please, please?!

  12. The Christmas workshop sounds like fun!! For Christmas, I love scrapping to Mariah Carey.

  13. I really enjoyed reading your post and your LO is awesome!!I dreamt about going to Africa for many, many years. Then I kissed my frog and had kids and my dream completely changed. So go to Africa now, before to you later!:)

  14. Gorgeous layout hun. My christmas song just has to be the unforgetable I wish it could be Christmas everyday by Slade. This song just screams christmas fun and party time.

  15. I really enjoyed your post. Steve should meet my DH they could sign together. I have already started humming "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" when I'm scrapping so I guess it has to be my favourite.

  16. I guess I am going to have to scraplift word for word #7. The little convo you had with 'THE STEVE' sounds SO familiar...LOL. Clair, I had to go pop in some music( also an old video from Carnegie Hall with Kathleen Battle, Federica von Stade(sp?) and Wynston Marsalis(sp?))...anyways I was all set to tell you We Three Kings and God rest ye merry Gentlemen{I like them} and than I started to hum O Little Town of Bethlehem. And be warnnned, I am faving that LO when I see it come down the pike!

  17. Clair, I seriously love your blog. It puts a smile on my face. You have a great personality. Your layout is awesome too, my dear. Really gorgeous. How on earth did you do that background? Do tell!

  18. You are seriously the coolest Clair I know! LOVE it!

  19. Love your blog, I love the LO, I don't think I could live without my camera also. I sing to the happy tune of "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, every were you go. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas day." Great gift. That conversation with you and Steve was pretty cute.

  20. I need to listen to Rick Springfield or the Beatles whenever I craft but I might also listen to "I'll be Home for Christmas" to make Christmas stuff.

  21. What a gorgeous color and love what you've chosen - the camera, the one thing that really helps capture all those special moments! Your wording with you and The Steve has me LOL! Wonderful post :)

  22. My post flew before I could finish - sorry! My favorite christmas scrapping Tune is "Winter Wonderland" :) TFS!

  23. I have just discovered the AAM blog today and im so excited about starting the challenges.. I always mean to scrap more about myself but never do. LOVE your layout so simple yet so beautiful. My favouriite xmas tune is snoopys christmas.. Its not the nicest christmas tune BUT its not christmas to me until I have heard that song. Alisa from New Zealand :)

  24. Hmm My fav song right now for crafting is Beyonce- Sweet Dreams or the Uber sexy Pitbull - Hotel room Service, or his song , I know You Want me.. I have a fav Christmas song but not for crafting to it's The Little Drummer Boy..


  25. Clair, love your l/o! It is gorgeous! Great getting to know you better!

  26. Great conversation sounds like one in my house.
    My crafting tune would be "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" That could be because my husband will watch HOme Alone about 50 times this season.
    LOVE the giveaway!

  27. I heart your layout. A lot! Also, I'm quite partial to "Santa, Baby!"

  28. I have a 3 disc set of Christmas songs as done by the Rat Pack (Sinatra etc). I can't list 1 song because I really do like them all! :)

  29. amazing!! Love the colors and the texture!

  30. Clair, your blog is awesome. I LOVE your commentary! Your Steve sounds like my King Mufasa. Every time I do an all about me LO, he always asks where is HE in the LO and he doesn't understand that he'll be in one (maybe). LOL! I love the things you listed about yourself. You sound so very interesting. Your LO is very awesome - so unique. The colors are bright, standing out and the camera, small - saying something quite LOUDLY. I love it!

  31. Clair, I loved your layout and I had a great laugh about your conversation you had with Steve..I recognize this so much since I too ask my hubby his opinion about my layouts...
    And my favourite crafting tune for Christmas? Well, I was thinking 'Enjoy the Silence' because these words popped up in my head first..but I'm not sure it is a song. I prefer to scrap in complete silence...But if I have to choose a song than it will be 'Driving home for Christmas'!

  32. when it gets to christmas it has to be carols all the way, they come out for the tree decorating and for all crafty pursuits. my favoutie carol is gabriel's message so that would be it.
    jo xxxs

  33. Clair, I love your LO. I love hearing the tune of Winter Wonderland.

  34. wow! so fun.
    my favorite christmas song to craft by- baby it's cold outside!

  35. Clair what a fabulous layout. I would be lost without my camera as well. My fave christmas song is I want a hippopotamus for christmas. I love that song.

  36. This is fun...I like your childhood dream. Cliche but true. One can make a difference. the layout many white space but my eyes drawn to keep looking at it....


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