Wednesday, 9 September 2009

When I'm 100

The very first All About Me challenge has been revealed and I can honestly say that I am still thrilled to have made it onto the Design Team - being picked to work alongside the other fabulous ladies on the Design Team has been a massive boost to my confidence levels.

Which is more than I can say for the conversation that I had with The Steve whilst thinking of ideas for my layout -

Me: When I'm 100...
The Steve: I'll be 97.
Me: 98.
The Steve: 97.
Me: There's only two years between us!
The Steve: Three, even if it's for just a few months.
Me: So, 98.
The Steve: Whatever age you are, you'll still always be older than me.
Me: *Sigh*

Believe it or not, but these moments filled with friendly bickering are just one of the few things I'm looking forward to over the next seventy years!

When I'm 100

Journalling reads - Will you still love me when I'm 100? I've always assumed that growing old is a lonely process. Until I met you. The idea that I might get to grow old with you, that we can grow old together, seems a little less scary. Even if you do steal the covers and eat all of the biscuits.

Head on over to All About Me to see the rest of the Design Team's interpretations and, maybe, pop into the All About Me Forum to have a chat about your ideas for the challenge.


  1. Lovely LO Clair love the colours. Never mind 100 you are together for life x

  2. Love your take Clair. And I can see what you mean...!

  3. rofl! I'm only 3 months and 22 days older than my husband but he makes the most of every second...

    Gorgeous LO :-)

  4. That's so beautiful, Clair! I'm a nerd... but I'm totally tearing up about it :)

  5. LOL, love your conversation, sounds like us. DH is five years younger than me and he milks it sometimes! Love the LO and the journalling is beautiful.

  6. Hell, I'm just impressed that those were the worst two things you could think of about The Steve. Now, if you'd asked me, I'd have come up with waaaaaaayyyyy more...

    but I love him too, lol!

    (but not as much as I love you, who actually rings me and answers at least some of my texts)

  7. this made me smile oh so much!

    been thinking of you recently.

    hope you are doing wonderfully! :)

  8. Clair, I'm exactly 11 months and 1 week older than my husband. We have this same argument about once a month (and we've been married 28 years). Love the layout.


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