Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Hello World!

It feels like such a long time since I was last able to publish a blog post and, yet, it was actually less than a week ago. When I first started blogging in April, I thought that I would never get used to the idea of sitting down to write something every day, or every few days, at the very least. It seems that I was wrong (now there's something that doesn't happen often, ahem!) and I've missed being able to talk about all the little things. More than that though, I've missed you. Yes. You. So, hello world! I'm ever so pleased we're able to talk :)


  1. Hello Clair! Lovely to see you back :) Hope it's happy things that have been keeping you from the blogworld. Kylie x

  2. Customer services? Not so happy no...but not really all that bad considering :)

  3. Me, myself and I will talk,talk chatter, chatter you silly! Hi Clair.


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