Friday, 11 September 2009

I feel lonely; uninspired and more than a little bit bored today. Can you tell? I hope you're all having a wonderful Friday night and that you'll have a special weekend. I'm at my local scrapbook club tomorrow, so hopefully a bit of crafting and some gossip will lift me out of this 'funk'.

Feeling Blue


  1. Hi Clair,

    If you feel bored and your mojo has run away, why don't you have a go at one of my challenge sites, lots of inspiration there.......

    You can find them at:

    Would love for you to play along, if you follow the sites you will get all the updates!

    Look forward to seeing you around' Take care


  2. Biorhythms get us all, Clair... I wish you a speedy pick-up :) K

  3. SO, you want to be entertained[as the buzz saw goes off across the way and startles the pee out of me]?!?! So, I SEE you're on Twitter now, those little bluebirds dancing around your dreams yet? Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing the {21 Challenge} over at Rhonna Farrer's blog..just so ya know. Me, myself and I is giggling right now, just so ya know! Happy happies Clair...hey, I just thought of somthin? Did you ever get called Clair-voyant growing up?

  4. This looks great, May I have one in Pink ? :-)

  5. *hugs* Hope you're feeling better, and that you had a great day yesterday. I was sorry to miss it (though I had a fabby day myself, as mentioned in my LSNED page!) Let me know when the next crop is please, if I'm free I'd love to come along :-)


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