Friday, 31 July 2009

Sometimes - The Mini Album

Dedicated friends and lovely blog readers will be aware that I've been feeling somewhat low this week. (It really hasn't been difficult to notice.) I should thank you all for your kind words and support. You know who you are. Thank you!

Although I'm feeling so much better, I do want to share the creative madness genius that is the Sometimes Mini Album. I had been thinking about the latest Copy & Paste prompt, Post Secret, and initially thought I might centre a layout around this cheery little thought - "Sometimes I feel lonier when I'm with other people than when I'm by myself."

But I had so much more to say and in the end I started putting together this little wonder on Tuesday evening - when I felt the need to just 'get it all out' and concentrate on being honest, not pretty. I collected together some papers, ephemera and embellishments that seemed perfect for the story that I wanted to tell and didn't stop until I'd finished.

Sometimes - Mini Album

I am in love with this little piece of honesty. So often, scrapbookers seem to feel obliged to document the celebrations; the holidays; the good times and leave no room for documenting the truth that sometimes everything isn't perfect. And you know what? It really helped.


  1. That's lovely Clair! Have you seen UKS are doing a mini book challenge mid-Aug? Yay!

  2. Thanks so much for taking part in another of our challenges ...and for sharing it. It's a wonderful piece of work and I'm so pleased that it's helped you in some way.

    Sometimes I love this blogging lark. :)

  3. hello! this is such a cute album...i love that you used some clothing tags...i am a graphic designer so i always save stuff like which go into a huge tupperware of "design inpiration." i should make a mini album and showcase them!

    nope...haven't gotten my paper*cakes stuff yet...but i've been stalking my mailbox everyday because i'm so excited to see what's in there!

  4. You should be proud that you managed to channel that emo angst into something productive, unlike me, who has nearly attacked the postie twice out of frustration (still no responses) and eaten chocolate whilst sulking.

    Go you for being fab! xx

  5. Thanks for your kind offer, I may have to take you up on that. I've never liked irony as much as I do right now :)
    I love that your book is honest, not pretty.
    Sometimes honesty is more important than making everything look perfect.


  6. I think it's beautiful as well as honest - or maybe that's *why* it's beautiful. :)

    Am so glad (and very impressed!) you found such a creative and productive way of lifting your mood, and I love how you've interpreted the challenge, too - it feels very Post Secret-ish, just chunkier!

  7. Wow, this book is gorgeous. Honest as well as pretty which makes it all the more special x

  8. this is a piece of heartfelt honesty + it's a lovely piece of art, thanks for sharing!


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