Thursday, 16 July 2009

Sea & Sky (Things I Love Thursdays!)

It's been dull and overcast here today and I really didn't have to think too hard - or look to far - to put together my mosaic for today's Things I Love Thursdays! I love the sea; I love the sky; and both together...woah...too much of the good stuff! Every single one of these photographs has been in my Flickr Favourites for quite some time, showing just how long I've been influenced by the sea and the sky.

Sea & Sky (Things I Love Thursdays!)

I'm coveting one or two of Susannah Conway's frankly amazing photographs from her Sea Stories collection. Okay, I admit it, I love all of them! I'm also really hoping that I'll be able to participate in one of Susannah's Unravelling photography/self-growth courses at some point in the future.

If you've managed to see Up already then you may already have seen Partly Cloudy but even if you have, it's worth a second look. It's heartwarming on a slightly chilly evening.

There's also a beautiful collection of sky photographs on David Horvitz's project site which are available for download free of charge and free to use. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with them now that I've got them - frame a small sample of them perhaps or print a few and turn them into a mini-album? Any ideas?

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