Saturday, 18 July 2009

Art Journal - Musical Memories

So, I thought I'd share another of my art journal pages from Kara's fantastic Art Journalling Adventure Class. As part of the class we needed to think - really think - about the part that music plays in our lives.

There's actually rarely a time that I'm without music, I nearly always have it on the background while I'm working, reading or crafting and, sometimes, I don't even notice. But, there are those moments in life that will be forever defined by a piece of music - the song that was playing when you had your first kiss; the tune they played on the radio all summer while you were travelling; the comforting lyrics that helped you mend a broken heart.

To me, every piece of music evokes some kind of emotion, but the tunes I remember are the ones that evoke memories and tell the story of my life. For my art journal entry, I made a random list of songs and the memories attached to them, then inked and blended to create a simple background. (There's a larger version if you'd like to see a little more detail.)

What Music Means To Me

What does music mean to you? Are there any particular tunes that always bring back a certain memory?

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  1. I'm so very glad that you took the class. And I think you already know how much I love what you made. So lovely.


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