Monday, 22 June 2009

Paying It Forward

On some level, I think I've always believed in karma; that what goes around comes around; that we reap what we sow and I've always believed that when someone is kind to me, though I may not have the chance to repay them myself, I have the chance to balance the books by being kind to someone else - by Paying It Forward.

This isn't going to turn into a philosophical post, I just wanted to share a few things with you that always make me feel a little bit warm and fuzzy inside. Let's start with The Pay It Forward Foundation which is a real life movement based on the book by Catherine Ryan Hyde, which was later turned into the film. Then head on over to Operation NICE which encourages people to be "pro-actively nice" and, if you're not all 'niced' out, try looking up the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation as well.

So, what's brought on all this niceness? Blame it on Kylie. Not the Australian singer (though she does seem insanely nice, doesn't she?) but Kylie who blogs over at 3 Sheets I was instantly taken with Kylie's own inherent niceness and her excitement at participating in a different kind of Paying It Forward. Paying It Forward, Crafty Style.

I've pledged. Will you?

1. The first five (or less) people who leave a comment and pledge to participate will receive a little sumthin', sumthin' from me - lovingly handmade, just for them.
2. I'll make no guarantees that you'll like what you receive. I will try to make it something I think you will like - based on your blog, flickr, whatever - but there are no returns!
3. What I choose to make may be quick, or it may take some time, but you will receive it before the end of 2009.
4. There won't be any clues or sneak peeks (and I love those.) You will only know what you're getting on the day you receive your gift. Once I know that you've received it, I'll post pictures here on my blog and you'll be welcome to post pictures on your own blog or photo-stream.
5. I reserve the right, as Kylie has, to do something strange!!!
6. To Pay It Forward, you will need to copy these 'rules' on your own blog (basic rewording is okay, but the spirit must be the same) and make five things, one for each of the first five people who commit to Pay It Forward on their own blogs.
7. Once I've made your gift, I will e-mail you and you will need to provide your mailing address. (I am UK based and will be happy to send internationally. You should be willing to do the same.)

Who's in?

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  1. I have been dithering over doing this ever since I first read your post, I've wanted to do something similar for the past two years and here is my chance, I guess it's the shipping that has me dragging my feet because I hear my hubby saying in the background of my mind "if you do this you'll have to give something up" and I wonder if I'm ready to give something help get me past that point I've already started to save money for when I start sending out my gifts! So Clair here I am{I even took a photo the other day to start a set on my photo-stream}.Happy happies. Joyce


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