Thursday, 25 June 2009

Home Love (Things I Love Thursdays!)

We finally had our kitchen walls and floors tiled this week - it's only taken us a couple of years to get around to it! We'd had some building work done and a new kitchen fitted and couldn't quite stretch the budget far enough to include the tiling. Last year, when we had some spare cash, we decided to go on holiday instead. Not a decision that we regret in the slightest, but it is really nice to have it looking more finished. I'm going to spend some time this week cleaning and re-painting and the kitchen will look brand new again. Hurrah!

Once the kitchen is finished, I'm declaring a war of love on the rest of the house. There's lots of little things we've been meaning to get around to - hanging artwork in the bedroom, re-painting the front door, dusting. (Oh, how I hate dusting!) I also really, really want to overhaul our office space - which is currently a little worse for wear because we throw everything in through the door when we need to tidy the rest of the house in a hurry. I bet we're not the only ones to have a room like that, right?

Home Love (Things I Love Thursdays!)

This week's Things I Love Thursdays! is a small collection of the inspiration I've hunted down on Flickr. I also want to share this tutorial on How To Make An Ottoman From A Coffee Table from Little Green Notebook, this tutorial on Making A Tin Message Board featured on Design*Sponge and this Vintage Printer's Wooden Tray by Kirsty Neale, which you can see more of on The Copy And Paste Project. I'll have an awesome home one day. In the meantime, wish me luck - I'm off to tackle my burgeoning pile of laundry.


  1. Now I used to have a room like that, then Eddie was born and I had to stop using his bedroom as a junk room, lol!

    Decluttering is good for the soul at any rate. i am planning another blitz myself to try and reduce the amount of stuff we own. Sometimes I can't figure out how it all fits into our house in the first place!

  2. Hello,

    Hoping you don't get this message twice - have just typed it out, then lost it trying to sign in!

    Anyway, I've just clicked over here from the Banana Frog blog with some news for you and, in a strange-but-happy coincidence, spotted your link to my printers tray project. Thanks so much for mentioning it, and really pleased you like. :)

    The good Banana Frog news (I couldn't find a link to email you directly, which probably means it's right under my nose!) is that you won the pendant giveaway. Hurrah! Sorry has taken me a couple of weeks to flag it up - the winning info was posted, but at the end of a much longer post, so easy to miss. If you want to drop me an email with your contact info (address and such), will get it posted off to you asap.

    Congratulations, and thanks once again.


  3. Oh, wow! I never win anything! Thanks so much for letting me know x


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