Saturday, 1 January 2011

One Little Word

Followers of Ali Edwards will probably be familiar with the concept of One Little Word - a choice of word to help define the year ahead. Though I have thought about it many times whilst following Ali's blog, there has never been a time before when one word seemed to be appropriate. But, reading through the words from the thousands of people taking part this year, a word suddenly popped into my head - and it made sense on so many levels.

Conwy Marina in Minature
Tilt Shift - Photo Credit: Conwy Marina In Miniature by Eifion

So, what was it? There were so many beautiful, descriptive words to choose from - believe, passion, peace, story, strive, nourish and bloom - to name just a few. Mine? Shift. That's right, shift. It may not be the most beautiful of words, but don't judge too quickly. Once I'd thought of it, it lodged itself into my brain and started telling me what it could do to help me define 2011.

Shift will help me to:

Change direction - a shift in the wind;
Rearrange my living space - shift things around;
Reinterpret the world - paradigm shift;
Look at things from a new perspective - tilt shift;
Become more confident and independent - I can shift for myself;
Re-evaluate priorities - shift emphasis.
Lose weight - shift a few pounds; and
Get out and about more - shift my arse.

Here's to a year of being 'shifty'. Oh, no, wait...


  1. Interesting choice of words. Good luck with it. I'm still pondering mine

  2. lol! Happy to be shifty with you ;-)

    My little word will be revealed on my blog tomorrow.....

    Happy New Year, babe xx

  3. I think this is a perfect word! Shifting your prespective can help you see things in a whole new light. All the best with your one little word in 2011, Clair!!!

  4. GREAT word! I like it a lot. Mine is "reach". All the very best of everything you are wishing for 2011 Clair

  5. Love this post! Especially the ending. I think this is a great word to define a new year. Like you said, it fits on so many levels. To a shifty new year...

  6. I'm happy to be put on 'Shiftwatch' this time round if you like? ;-)

    You go shifty girl! Make 2011 eat your dust and bob along in your wake!


  7. Good choice of word. It brings with it positive movement. Anyways, just popping in to say I got my MTDS ATCs today. Yours is gorgeous - I love the wire, beads and stitching. Absolutely unique. Happy New Year.

  8. What a wonderful word, it makes so much sense to me! Hope you enjoy your shifts of 2011!:-)x

  9. Love your word Clair! Mine was 'Hope', but I think I need something similar to yours, but perhaps more aggressive... 'Change' maybe? x

  10. What a fab word I wander what word I will chose yu have got me thinking x

  11. awesome choice clair. mine is example.


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