Wednesday, 10 May 2017

No Rain, No Rainbow Pocket Letter {It's Arrived}

Recently I've been sharing some 'sneaks' of my Pocket Letters (via Sunday Sneak) but as they arrive at their destinations I'm keen to show them off in full, because, well, details!!! 

Thankfully, my 'No Rain, No Rainbow' Pocket Letter has arrived state-side and I can share it's story. Initially, I was a little flummoxed because I was matched to a lovely lady who loves shabby-chic, while I most definitely have more of a minimalist aesthetic. However, I was really keen to create something that she would love, so I hauled out some of my older stash. I have so much from when I first started scrapbooking and shabby-chic was everywhere

I must admit, I really enjoyed myself! Stepping outside of my comfort zone a little bit was liberating. I even hand-rolled some fabric flowers; found some retro clothing tags; and some floral washi tapes to include as extras for my new friend.

And, thankfully, my new Pocket Letter Pal has written to tell me how much she loves it! Phew! 


  1. Oh wow Clair! You've outdone yourself with this one! I love the rainbow aspect and those pretty accents. I'm sure the recipient adored it!

  2. Ah yes, I remember this look! I even hand rolled some flowers of my own back in the day. Funny how styles move on...


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