Sunday, 12 February 2017

Love Is In The Air {Counterfeit Kit Challenge: February Challenge #1}

It's time for our first challenge of the month over at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge and, since it was my turn to choose, I chose to focus on including some details about something that you love - family, friends, chocolate, wine? it doesn't matter, but I wanted it to include some journalling.

All too often, I leave out the important details, because I struggle to incorporate journalling. I find it difficult to write onto a completed layout in case I 'ruin' it, but looking back at some older layouts recently (more on this soon!) I re-discovered the idea of adding notes around the edges - there's usually lots of white space on my layouts to do this and, of course, it doesn't detract from any of my design elements! Win!

For this little 6x8 layout that will find a home in my Project Life album for 2017 (I've started, finally, on Project Life. More on this soon too!) I decided to focus on my love of beading and of the beading community. 

Journalling reads: For the last few years I've challenged myself with my beading and I love how much my skills have grown as a result. This year my challenge is to make one item, from a beading book that I own, each month. I've been joined by over seventy beaders and I am loving the sense of community we share.

How do you incorporate journalling into your projects? Is it something you struggle with, or does it seem easy? Let me know your thoughts! x


  1. Very lovely layout! I do struggle with getting as much journaling on a page as I would like without distracting from the design. I never think to journal around the edge of the page--definitely going to try that!

  2. The size of your page works perfectly for the subject - great design as well.

  3. I like the journalling around the edge and have done that before. I tend to just find a corner on the page and add it in but it doesn't always look brilliant! I make the mistake of leaving it to the end to add and then struggle to tuck it in a corner. And I tend to want to write too much for the space so then I fill more of the page than I meant to! ha ha! This is such a great page and I want to hear more about the Project Life as I keep um'ing and ah'ing about it! But I've not yet jumped in...

  4. Such a pretty page Clair! I add journaling along the edges sometimes - I like the way it serves as a design element and doesn't detract from the rest of the layout. I try to factor in some space for my journaling before I adhere anything to the page but sometimes the border technique just fits better than anything else.

  5. I love the way you journaled!


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