Thursday, 5 January 2017

Bead & Book Challenge {A New Beading Challenge for 2017}

Chatting to some of my lovely tutorial testers last week, I mentioned that I was resisting the lure of new beading books until I could solemnly swear that I had made at least two items based on the techniques or tutorials in each book - and the lovely @beadyJo told me that I had inadvertently chosen my own beading challenge for 2017. Luckily she and a few others (well, fifty or so!) have been willing to join me!

If the idea of  dusting off those lovely beading books and MAKING something appeals, then follow these very simple steps - 

* Each month choose one beading book.
* Choose at least one item from that book to make during the month.
* Stay focused by telling everyone what you'll be making.
* Share your progress and, most importantly, that finished item.
* Share a little bit feedback about the book. (So that we can add it to our wishlist, of course!)

We have a Bead & Book Challenge Facebook Group or use #beadandbookchallenge when sharing online elsewhere. 


  1. Being accountable to others sounds like a great way to make progress. I've never done any beading but am looking forward to learning more about it from you.

    1. Although I'm definitely hoping for progress, it's simply more fun to share the process with others! I hope that I might be able to tempt a few people (wink) into trying beading as well x

  2. I'd love to give it a try but honestly, I just couldn't fit it into my days!


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