Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Memories of Christmas Past {A Counterfeit Christmas Carol}

Hello! Happy, Happy Holidays! Today, I'm over on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge sharing some of my memories of Christmas Past and what better than to share some a selection box and some Christmas leftovers?

Our kits for Christmas Past were meant to be small and easy to use - ideal for creating at such a hectic time. So, I returned to my selection box (well, files) of leftovers from my Counterfeit Kits. You can read more about how I store them in Keeping Kits (Plan With Me)

Having stashed away the remainder of my Document December Kit from 2015, it felt fantastic to haul it out and, after all that time tucked away, it felt fresh and exciting!

I cut two of the remaining cardstock pieces down to 6x8; layered up some of the scraps in a fairly simple fashion; then added some random photographs from my 'winter' stash of untold stories.

Once the images were on, I added a few final touches with some washi, embellishments and a little bit of stamping. I stuck with the same basic layout, as these little lovelies won't be next to each other in my albums. Starting with the supplies and a basic layout is a fantastic way to create more quickly, because you aren't lost in how best to tell the story.Just stick, stamp, scrap - and volia!

I'm thrilled to have final documented these small stories at last. And I might even add to them before the end of 2016. You see, there's still a wee bit of that kit left!

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