Monday, 16 May 2016

Escher Effects {Counterfeit Challenge: April Challenge #3}

For this month's third challenge at the Counterfeit Kit Challenge 'Escher Effects' our Master Forger, Jemma, has challenged us all to be inspired by the work of M.C. Escher. Now, as much as I was excited by the idea, I was also a little bit terrified. Escher has been a life-long favourite of mine - with his amazing artwork, based on mathematical principles, designs which play on perspective and some tessellation which confounds the senses. (I do have to have a little bit of a 'Geek Freak' every so often!) So, I was a bit ... um ... scared of the idea - and wanted, desperately, to make something that would be worthy.

Looking through some older photographs, I spotted this image of Bridget Riley's 'Hesitate' oil on canvas, which I saw at the Tate Liverpool. Bridget Riley, with her repetitive structures, sensations of movement and abstract, but challenging landscapes, has always reminded me very much of Escher's work. The title ' Sense of Wonder' is from an Escher quote 'You have to retain a sense of wonder. That's what it's all about.' which I love.

For more Escher inspired inspiration visit the Counterfeit Challenge to see projects by our Guest Designer, Jane and our Master Forgers. 


  1. Fabulous page that lets that photo shine - love the blue letters and sprinkles against all that black and white!

  2. It's VERY worthy! The piece of art is amazing and you've brought together some great items onto your page that really showcase it perfectly. I love the hint of blue, the layers and that gorgeous hair pin! A really super page


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