Sunday, 28 February 2016

Inca Pendant

Planning really is paying off! After Transferring Designs into my lovely, 'new to me' business binder, I found complete notes for many, many tutorials that I had worked on, but hadn't released.

Writing a list of them all (there's at least fifteen of them!) has made me focus on each element of a finished tutorial - photography; written instructions; testing; tweaking; listing and marketing. 

Over the last two weeks I've released two new tutorials (one a week is an all time record) and there's was a lot of satisfaction involved as I checked each new tutorial off that master list!

This is the latest of those tutorials - The Inca Reversible Pendant. It's a lovely, fully reversible, pendant made using easily available materials including rivolis, bicones, superduos and seed beads. I can't understand why I left it languishing for so long! I'm now excited to make one with contrasting colours, so that it's more versatile!

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