Saturday, 30 January 2016

Planning For Health & Fitness {Plan With Me)

Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about how I'm 'Planning for Health & Fitness'. I'm happily 'on the mend' from a series of illnesses and injuries and, am working towards some of my own health and fitness aims - rehabilitate shoulder, back and ankle following injury; eat more healthily to avoid illness; combat stress with exercise and run some races!

Coming back from illness or injury can be hard work, especially if you are more than aware of new limitations. It can be difficult to 'hold back' from working too hard, trying to reach the speed, distance, or euphoria of old times - and causing new issues!

So, to force myself to take things more slowly in the lead up to my first race, I'm working from a set schedule. You can see that I've trimmed the schedule down to fit in the Color Crush, simply folding it to the same width as the main inserts. I'm referring to the schedule each time I run, because it includes useful information about the speeds, distances or times that I should be running. 

I've also included each scheduled session in my calendar section - and I won't move them if I can avoid it, no matter how enticing the invitation! It's functional, rather than decorative at the moment, but I have my eye on the ridiculously cute Plan Fitness Stamps from The Sweet Stamp Shop. It would be perfect for my current mix of running, weights, walking, swimming and hot yoga! (I know that I don't *need* them, but I am considering them as a reward for completing my first month of training!)

Once I've completed a session, I'll tick it off on the schedule and in the calendar (for double satisfaction) and will include some brief notes on the session. I'm currently writing my session notes on Filofax 'Coloured Note Paper', but as I'm constantly writing out the same information (date, time, distance, speed, etc) I'm on the lookout for some fitness specific inserts. I might even consider making my own if I can't find something suitable!

I know that many of the people visiting have been considering their own set-up (or have been considering buying their first planner!) so if there's something specific that you would love to see me cover in the Plan With Me series, let me know!

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  1. Looks like it's really coming together. I don't really know what I'd like you to cover as the whole planner thing is a bit alien to me! I guess I will just enjoy these glimpses into yours until I wait for my rose-gold one to turn up! Good luck with the running schedule - sounds like you have it covered!


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