Monday, 4 January 2016

Forgeries On The Fourth {Counterfeit Kit Challenge}

Each month on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge the Master Forgers create their own versions of the latest scrapbooking 'must haves' to include in their Counterfeit Kits for Forgeries On The Fourth

My 'forgeries' this month included a stack of Pocket Style Cards (all from the Printables board on My Pinterest) which have a 'Planner' or 'Goal' related theme, like these beautiful Planner Cards from Digital Design Essentials.


I also included a beautiful calendar from Blooming Homestead which, with it's beautiful florals, captured the feel of the inspiration kit perfectly. I adjusted my printer setting to print two months on each page, so that the calendar will be A5 sized. It's already the perfect addition to my desk in 2016!

And, last but not least, I made some lovely, little planner clips using my stash of fancy, shank buttons and some bobby pins - and, despite the fact that the light was terrible and my photographs are all blurry - there's a video of the method I used on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge which Leslie found for me! Hurrah!

In fact, Leslie found some amazing tutorials this month, so do head on over to check out the rest of our Forgeries On The Fourth.


  1. I'll definitely check out that planner clip tutorial since I inherited some beautiful buttons from my grandmother and they're just sitting in a jar, waiting to be used on something fun. Your clips look lovely, and thanks for the link to the calendars too@

  2. Great ideas for your planner! do you have a hole punch that will work with the six holes? Such a pretty calendar printable. looks like I'm waiting for my planner until the rose gold comes out but I'm watching to see what you do with yours!


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